This series could seriously be made into a book…but have decided to put one a day

Client: Good Morning Haresh, how are you?

Haresh: Good sir, market is looking a little weak…what do you think sir?

Client: Yes, I agree, but what about Hero Honda?

H: Sir, HH looks good, I feel.

Client: Yes…good results as usual…you think it will go up?

H: Of course sir, the first resistance is at 2100….but if it crosses that it will break 2194. After that it is uncharted territory.

Client: Ok buy me 4000 shares..will send you the cheque.

H: Ok sir…done..sir just finished me at 3pm, we will review.

H: Bye sir.

Client 2: Hello Haresh, how is the market?

H: Fine sir..but looks a little weak.

C2: Hmm I thought so too. The SGX and US look weak too.

H: Some scrips are still strong…

C2: I wanted to sell my Hero Honda..what is your view?

H: Sure sir, the good news may be over…

C2: You are so correct H..i also thought so.

H: Sir, petrol prices have gone up, the expanding margin story is perhaps over, interest rates may go up….

C2: Will you please sell 4000 HH shares we bought last week?

H: Sure sir….deal just got done sir…

Friend of H: How is the market…

H: Boss kuch mat kar…mixed signals hai market mein….

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  1. You bet 🙂 . The other day a leading brokerage house put a ‘buy’ and a ‘sell’ call for the same scrip for different type of investors. And more blatant was that ,the logic for the recommendation was also being put forth and discussed. You get what you deserve…what say?

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