How can we blame Union Carbide for what happened?

Obviously the first blame is on the Indian soil – all those people who could not care about the Indian people. Let us face it Anderson had a choice of whether to come to India. He knew he could make a few calls and get away. Arjun Singh, Rajiv Gandhi….does not matter who.

CBI director Madhavan says he was sure that it would be scaled down from culpable homicide to criminal negligence. What will we achieve by getting that 92 year old back.

Are we saying for 10 days we will not use google, facebook, coke, pepsi, Mcdonalds,….because we believe that Americans are evil. No.

All this discussion is being watched on Youtube, posted on Google, discussed over Coke, spoken about at McDonalds…let us face it. It is the same old slogan:

Yankee go back, but please (I beg of you) take me with you.

I had an uncle tell me…’these lucky know they are going to America’ . I think it sums up our attitude. Hopefully the gen next will treat the stupid, idiotic average American like a bum.

Our gen and the gen earlier to that has given tooooo much of ‘respect’ to those idiots. If you want to know how dumb these jerks are you must read

Financial Literacy in America : Individual choices, national consequences.

(you will get it on Google, it is about 100 pages ..but worth reading, I had read it about 2 years back, but what I learnt was A’cans are dumb.)

it is a country which believes wwf is real, where president Bush said..’Of course I have vegetables..see the fries that I  eat’…long list.

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  1. Please stop calling Americans dumb just because it makes you feel better. Some of the greatest inventors of all time were Americans. Lets not compare our country with theirs. They have their own issues. We have our own. We should try to adopt their good qualities and try to focus on how good or bad we are rather than make such silly judgements!

  2. Difficult to say Americans are dumb. Most of the Americans are migrants – some 300 years ago, some 30 years ago and some 3 years ago. That is all.

    Yes the average American lives far beyond his means because Obama and his ilk have no guts to say ‘do not spend money you do not have’ and ‘if you want cheap oil people will dig all over the world and spills will happen’. If this is stopped oil prices will go up. Actually the spill is good news for the other oil producing companies in the world…at leastin the short term..

  3. I see meritsin both the Arguments. Subra’s and others above. What Subra said is, lets not have the “craze” of United States. The Generic Americans are not as Great as they are perceived to be. However, the average American is definitely better than the average Indian. The average American city is better than Indian city. The average American Company is better Indian Company.. so on. India has a long way to go.

  4. Thank you Karan and Paramjeet, you both summed it up.

    “it is a country which believes wwf is real.” – yet all see most of my cousins in India glued to it.

    If American are stupid, then Indians must be retarded to let corruption consume the economy. At least WWF generates revenue.

  5. indians are being dumb here in trying to make this a criminal issue. it should be a civil case with tort laws applying. our legislators havent a clue about torts.all they want is some old gora in jail and everything will be is the supreme court that decided the settlement amount to a paltry even the court is pretty unelightened about the value of life.i have no hope for this dumbocracy

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