letter to my grandson…

this article on moneycontrol got a lot of good response…almost nobody criticising it.

Funnily I feel like what Bheeshma Pithamaha would have felt…everybody comes, takes advise and then does what they want to do… L OL


see all nice comments 🙂

not sure if you guys agree…but rediff.com seems to get the worst people who comment – the language they used for Sania Mirza was sickening. Not sure what my friend in rediff.com are doing..i should remember to speak or sms them about such filth.

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6 Responses to “letter to my grandson…”

  1. I feel rediff does not discourage such comments as it generates more web traffic for them 🙂

  2. Hi Subramanyam

    Good advice… but its difficult to get good “Mahendra bhai’s ” these days. Its better to learn be like Mahendra bhai.

  3. Wasn’t that a rip-off from a letter Bogle of Vanguard wrote? There is no mention of the source of inspiration… Mix of USD & INR figures was a dead-giveaway…

  4. Very inspiring…
    Few ppl talk abt balance in life values and monetary value now-a-days. Its a pleasure to read it. 🙂

  5. Rediff doesnt moderate the comments submitted very strictly whereas other websites who care about their brand invest in technology to take care of such filth

  6. will not publish any more comment about rediff….that was just in passing.

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