Recently got a copy of Amar Pandit’s book – Bill and Penny’s Money Adventures. There was no point in trying to do a book review. So I asked my daughter to read it and WRITE what she understood.

I was quite impressed – first of all to get a 9 year old to read a book on Money is not really easy, but she finished in a day and here is what she thinks about Saving (not a word changed from what she wrote, Her name is Mridula and studies in Apeejay School, Nerul, class 4:


Saving money is very important. We should save money because if one day suddenly we need money we will have it with us. If we just keep on spending all the money that we get and one day we need money we will not know what to do.

I am also saving all my pocket money because I might need it in future. I have kept it in a bank account and I get interest on that every year.


As we all know that Government pays money for various things we should never spoil those things as Government takes money from our parents in the form of tax. All those people who get regular salary have to pay tax. When we buy a movie ticket half of the money that we pay goes to the government. This is called Entertainment tax.


Investing makes our money grow. Just as a plant grows from a seed to a plant. When we keep our money in a savings bank we get interest but if we will invest ourĀ  money in fixed deposits, shares, mutual funds, public provident funds, etc. our money will grow from a small amount to a big amount faster. Real money takes more time to grow whereas a plant grows within weeks.


Insurance protects you from spending a big amount on medical treatment, repairs, etc. Today if Iam spending a small amount on a helmet, kneepad, armpads, etc. this will help me in being safe while skating. I will not have to spend a big amount on medical treatment. And if I fall ill the insurance company will pay the hospital bill. This way me and my family are spending lesser money from our pockets.

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  1. @ Mridula

    Dear, I must appreciate your having read a book for children on money and articulating such views.

    Besides the views expressed, impact about what your father teaches us about money seems to have caught you young.

    At the end of the day, all debts and savings are squared off but while the journey lasts, money is important but it does not need to be worshiped.

    Knowledge is much more than its worth in Gold.

  2. Very nice

    I am impressed with her clarity in thoughts and the way she has expressed her knowledge , these kinds of words about personal finance coming from 9 yr old girl is unbelievable .


  3. Hi Subra,


    I am sure that many youngsters (20s) won’t have knowledge on personal financial of your daughter’s level.

    Why don’t you write an article on “how to educate kids about financial”. I think it plays big role in their upbringing (Disclaimer: Am not Married & don’t have Kids!!)

    I read somewhere – When Kumarmangalam Birla was 8 Yrs old, his Father used to bring inspiring Business leader’s biographies/Short stories for him to read. & I think it shows in Kumar’s mature behavior as a business leader also.

    My 2 Cents.


  4. Hi Subra,
    Yes Amar has done a good job indeed. The book is easy to read and easy to understand.
    I hope it does well in sales and more and more kids read this book.


    Ritu Kant Ojha

  5. Great thoughts, Her understanding is very very clear even at this age. Infact I believe as parents , we must inculcate such good habits passively in our kids to see them grow in intelligent citizens. Keep it up Mridula.

    Cheerz to Subra too.

  6. Great that you thought of making her do the exercise – she must have felt good!!! Children understand so much more than we think they do….
    Great job Mridula!!

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