Is it necessary to justify your profession to the world? Is it necessary to tell the world what work you are doing and why it is adding a lot of value to the world?

Who is to judge whether you are doing the ‘right’ job or no? These are all so difficult to answer that many people do not attempt to answer it. Of course many people try to answer this question (at least to themselves) and it sometimes looks fine. For example a friend who works in the Atomic Energy program of the government feels that allĀ  Chartered Accountants in the country only help in tax evasion, hence their role is not justified. One equity broker I know feels he adds a lot of value by helping a client trade. Then there are many life insurance agents who feel that they add value by helping people save money.

Is there a need to justify what you do? Actually there is no need to justify to the whole world, but many people think they need to ‘justify’ to their inner voice. The problem is quite simply “I am OK, you are not OK” syndrome.

In the US of A there is so much hatred against financial services as a sector that people may just tear up their credit cards and not make any payment on the same. However using all the government program money to pay their own staff far more than what the world considers as ‘legitimate’ sounds so corny!

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  1. the friend in the atomic energy commission needs to be reminded that he may not be a tax evader,but surely is a tax parasite.sorry to sound blunt,but i cant take govt servants getting if the govt owns our incomes and we get to keep the 70% odd of it only because of its benevolence.statists are appalling creatures.

  2. You are sounding like Ayn Rand who lived in an utopian world that all private sector businessmen work for increasing their reputation so that they could make money in the long run. That thought sucks. Companies are built to be sold by MDs who have a 3-9 year view reporting to boards who are looking only at valuations. Executives including MDs have a clear 1-9 year view on whatever project they invest in. Ha ha :). I am no supporter of State run economies, but I have seen as much corruption and as many idiots in the private sector as in the government sector..

  3. private sector corruption is a debatable term. if a private businessman cheats,well,atleast he is not using the taxpayers money.he is using/abusing the trust of people who have voluntarily given him the be it. there are jerks in all walks of life.

    taxes on the other hand are involuntary
    those whose incomes are paid for by taxes -which by definition are obtained by force(we can thank friedman for this TDS trickery) are tax parasites indeed.

    we are always wary of the corrupt bania.but let us also note that the public sector babu is not worthy of any respect either.

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