Now that there are more than 1100 readers on my blog regularly…the Google data analysis makes interesting reading. What i find amazing is the fact that people from 208 cities monitored by Google come to the site. Even assuming 10-12 of bounce back, it still means close to 200 cities have people who know about the site. It is humbling to think many of these cities, I cannot even spot on the map. Assuming it is Indians who access my site, there are Indians present in 200+ cities. Vow!

On an average people spend about 5-6 minutes in a visit, but some cities just beat it hollow. Ashburn leads the list with a couple of people spending 1 hour 22 minutes on the site! What was he/she doing there beats me. Other locations with a far greater average are Nagpur (27), Austria (19), Kuwait (10), Surat (28), Salzburg (22), Kozhikode (14), Vadodara (21), Chicago (13)…etc.

Also the average person visits 3-5 pages every time they come to the site. Feels good that they go beyond the first page :).

I do not know how many personal finance magazines realize that serious readers do exist and they are not looking for excitement. After all my columns are not racy, I do not tell you what shares to buy or sell,…I tell you dull boring things like diversification, asset allocation, equity markets,…..but hey you gals (ok guys too, but I have more female readers than male) do come here, read, and leave your comments..

So thank you all of you from Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Manama, Calcutta, Singapore, New York, London… that order!! The gap between Mumbai and Bangalore is quite thin…but after that the gap widens quite a bit.

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  1. Subra,

    Add to this loads of people who read your blod via RSS readers like Google Reader. (myself included).
    Those people who follow and read you will not be listed in analytics data.

    I visit your webpage only when I have to post a comment. Otherwise, I prefer reading via Google Reader. That way I get to know about any new posts as soon as they are posted.

    So, you never know actually how many are reading you. (i mean blog and not the book πŸ™‚ )

  2. >>I have more female readers than male
    May I say, most of the males reading finance online tend to be geek, so they are following you via RSS πŸ™‚

  3. Great going πŸ™‚ .

    Is this 1100 unique visitors per day ? Thats really great. Subra you should display the feed subscribers also on the blog , that will attract more people and entice them to subscribe .


  4. For me, I get update in Google Reader, it display only First Para of your article, hence I always need to come to your blog via Google Reader, Can you look into it and fix it probably ( Feed is not displaying full post)

  5. Dear Subra, Thanks for your genuine information on blog and appreciate your support to Indians’,
    reading via Google Reader.
    I am from Singapore. Raja

  6. Dear Subra, your articles give great reading pleasure because they are well written and to the point in good simple English. I read your articles via updated RSS feeds on my laptop when travelling and on desktop when at home. Thanks for the wealth of knowledge and experience that you share with us.

  7. Agree with Abhishek. It will be great if we can get full feeds. Or atleast full posts on the first page. We need to click every post to read them… Please sir, make it easy for us πŸ™‚

  8. – You post 1 or 2 blogs every single day like clockwork . This is a discipline we readers need to learn in all walks of life.
    – Some of your stories are very good. (Cant forget “Making a horse fly in 5 years – Promise of 40% y-o-y returns in 25 years” story). I told this to my friends and they easily got the fallacy of agents promising high returns for 20 – 25 years. Will tell this story to financially-unwise guys whenever i have a chance.
    – There may be a direct correlation between People having disposable and investible money /Internet penetration and Cities. May be that is why metros tops the visits.
    Thanks for the blog. I really wish i had read such finance blogs/books/magazines 10 years back when i started working and had started sip in equities then. (could’ve made a fortune by now). Also i wish every financially illiterate person reads such blogs and stop doing financial blunders.

    – There are few places i disagree (like Passive Indexing vs Actively managed good MF). But i may be wrong.

  9. So subra are you tempted to remove full feeds in RSS. Beg you not to do so.

    THe number shown in google analytics is like having a high but featured in google reader recommended list will put you on the leagues of Hindu business line, economic times.

    As they always say referral works better than a link.

    Cheers mate

  10. “I do not tell you what shares to buy or sell”… Now try doing that and see the difference……..

  11. Hi Easwer – no action plan to do anything of that sort. My blogging is just to build discipline for my book writing, and for having an interactive medium. Not chasing readership / google ad revenue. If google ad covers my costs (it will do by June 2010) that is fine.

    thanks drkhan, i am a super fan of R K Laxman and an ordinary fan of R K Narayan.

    Gemini – did not understand. However I cannot share MY RIGHT TO LOSE MONEY with anybody else πŸ™‚

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