Well he can do many things!!

Some of the things that he can do are the following:

1. Identify your REAL goals and hurdles in reaching them.

2. Convert the goals into challenges and make sure you are willing to put in the resources to achieve them

3. Identify your personality – some people think they have goals. However, they are only parroting what they have heard. Personally they are happy where they are.

4. Prioritize / Re arrange the goals along with the other stakeholders like spouse and children.

5. Explain the Crucial goals and non crucial goals – again with the other stakeholders

6. Save you time and research hassles while selecting products.

7. Suggest a solution which he is indifferent about where it is executed.

8. Be objective as a sounding board – assuming of course that he is conversant with all the products.

9. Help with the execution and the documentation of an investments – for a clerical fee NOT as a %age or size of the transaction.

10. Allow you to concentrate on your main business – and send you Quarterly / Six monthly reports and suggest action if necessary.

11. Effectively communicate money with the whole family.

……..more to come as time goes by

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  1. Dear mr.subra,
    i am one of your many readers, i had a question for you,
    if one wants to invest in divident paying companies,how much one should invest and how much dividend can one expect,is it on a monthly basis or quarterly basis?
    the idea is to invest in such companies instead of real estate where one can get rent , get dividends instead,
    do u think equity is better or real estate
    many thanks

  2. A blog, book or a magazine can only give generic advice. It would be things like ‘In the long run equities give good returns’. However specific questions can be handled only by a planner. ‘How to invest in a dividend paying company’- is a BOOK in itself. I have met people who have made money in equities, real estate, oil, gold. Similarly I see people who have lost money in all these very markets. I think you make money because of your brain and learning – asset classes do not matter. Well almost 🙂

  3. Hello Subramoney Sir,
    Do you perform financial planning (families)? Please let me know if you do. Please suggest some planner whom you are aware about, if you do not do financial planning. (Please respond to the mail ID given in the comment if possible). Thank you.

  4. Hi Subra,

    Nice Post.

    More than post I liked your comment “A blog, book or a magazine can only give generic advice.”
    As in one of the earlier posts you mentioned about Financial Porn – people should stay away from such resources. One think which is good for X can be fatal for Y.

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