Awright, I have posted enough book reviews of ‘Retire Rich Invest Rs. 40 a day’, but here are some comments:

‘I was surprised that there was no book on Retirement in India till you wrote one’ – one doctor.

My answer: Not true. There have surely been attempts earlier, but you may not have been searching. There have been books by Gaurav Mashruwala, Outlook Money, Times of India, – at least 3 that I know of.

‘You should have included more about investments like trading, speculation, etc…one Engineer.

My answer: You are asking me to write a book on investing :). I seem to have already missed some important ‘Retirement’ material. A book on investing will contain one chapter on investing, speculating and trading.

‘This is not like a book – it is like you are talking to me’ – 3 different people ! One is a classmate, one a 21 year old kid working in a media company, and one a 24 year old English Literature student trapped in a financial journalism job.

My answer: Thanks! Do not know what to say. Meeting so many people from different walks of life – entrepreneurs, senior executives, junior executives, men, women, boys, girls, children and talking about money should have had an effect on my writing, I guess!

‘The print, the font, the get up of the book is nice’ – a life insurance professional.

My answer: you should be thanking the publisher Cnbc (Bestsellers 18), Anusha Ramani, Bijal Shah, and their team. I have had no role to play.

It is too much like you are lecturing – a 44 year old insurance professional (with a negative tinge).

There are many chapters which I did not understand – a Software Engineer from Bangalore.

Sorry. I thought I had made it simple.

The tables are fine – but it should have been available on your website.

Me: Sorry, will try to incorporate.

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  1. I too have read the book and liked it especially on some of the simple but yet lateral thinking. A few things I would’ve expected to see were

    1. All figures in lakhs and crores rather than millions
    2. A couple of pages on important formulas and when they need to be used…some examples talk about how the numbers were arrived but not completely
    3. Proof-reading / verifying that all values were correct; there are some mistakes in the tables / numbers (towards the end)…don’t have the book handy with me now, otherwise would’ve quoted examples

    It is definitely written in a simple manner that most people can understand. Overall a good book that will hopefully help people in getting their finances in shape.

  2. The book on withdrawals during retirement is really good. There are no calculators available in India regarding withdrawal. How much money to be kept in each asset class, when to rebalance, which specific instrument to buy – all this could have been incorporated in the book. Have not seen any other author tackle it.

  3. one of the best book on investment,but not able to understand few points about the page no 43 Money earned if invested over the next 30 year in sensex and equity.

  4. I am reading your book ‘Retire rich-invest Rs. 40 a day’ and am mighty impressed and also shell-shocked at the way I had been managing my finances so far. Thank you for awakening me. Incidentally, for last two months I had been trying on my own to discipline my spending when I came across your book. However, I clearly feel a need for expert help.

    Email received from a reader

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