1. Subra, you touched a nerve. Just last week, I sold off my TVS Motor stock. And I see this blog. I concur with you idea – that you sell off your stock during good times OR when good news floating around. Its a high volatile stock and that clinched my instinct to sell. However, I do continue to hold a few auto component names. Looking to hold long term. I will sell them during times of excessive positive outlook.

    However, I also sold off my Bank holdings nearly 6 months back. I want to get back into Banks – not sure of the timing though. Not sure its right now.

    Readers, please exercise your caution, before taking any action based on this comment. Thks.

  2. i was also not sure what to do with cash lying in saving and fd.. well as you rightly said. wait and watch… my sips are continuing.. will not touch that..

  3. Peter lynch has an interesting take on this
    He calls this the party trick

    Bear market : when he says that he is a mutual fund manager, everyone ignore him and talk to a dentist. He starts buying stocks like crazy at this time..

    Market is just picking up : People are just piqued, but tell him that “markets are risky”

    Market is fairly up : Everyone ignore the dentist and gather around him, asking for tips..

    Market is overheated : Everyone offer THEIR tips TO Lynch, even the dentist gives him some tips, and when Lynch checks them next day, all the stocks have gone up.. He starts selling stocks like crazy at this time..

    ( But, Lynch says that this a funny anecdote and not take this seriously )

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