Women need to know more about money than men do. However in real life this very important task is usually outsourced to the men in their lives – sometimes with tragic results.

Many girls and women I know do not even accept the full responsibility for their financial lives. Immaterial of whether it is a clerk in a company or a call center executive or even a CEO most women I know see themselves as the ‘secondary’ provider in their families. The only exception is when a woman is suddenly left alone – or if she has remained single and decided not to marry at all.

Other than these 2 cases women treat their ‘money earning’ as a time pass activity – which allows them (mentally) to find enough reasons why they are earning less. In case of mothers again they are happy playing second fiddle to their husbands – ‘we need to look after the kid’ syndrome.Being at home can they not look after the administration and management part of their investments? Well many of them do not think so.

This is extended to such an extent that first it is their father who looks after her money, then her husband and then the son! This is not a great situation – after all if you can run a house, you can manage your own money.

Women will remain single, will marry but divorce, will be widowed, will be separated…..and at that stage will have to handle money and will not know whom to ask about ‘money management’ – much better to learn when you can rather than when you must!

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  1. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    The reason is that for some reason women are less fascinated by money and more fascinated by men with money

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