This is from experience – the advantage of meeting 5000+ people is enumerated here 🙂

1. Have a realistic expectation from the financial planner

2. Know what to expect from a planner

3. If you do not have your data in an organized manner, the planner is not likely to spend time organizing it and THEN processing it. However some planners do it and then charge a bomb. Be prepared.

4. Both Husband and wife should participate in the whole exercise. If one spouse does not understand – the other spouse should take the trouble to explain. Remember at some stage the other ‘explainer’ will not be available.

5. Kill your ego – if the planner says ‘ABC bank has sold you this piece of lemon’ it is nothing personal :). Financial salesmen are trained far better than the average man on the street, so the odds are terribly against you. This is not a reflection on your brainpower. It is the bankers persistence that you have succumbed to.

6. If you do not understand the ‘remedies’ being suggested, say so loudly and clearly. If in doubt ask me :). Seeking a second opinion is always a good idea if you are in doubt. And on the blog there are others who comment, read the comments – many a times they are better than the posts.

more to follow…

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  1. Well, I have had an experience with some Financial Planners. (let’s not name them). They claimed to be CFP.
    But they always tried to incline me more towards investment execution and PMS services..and then I knew it’s time to run away.
    Best advise : Don’t take any financial decision unless you understand very well what you are doing.

  2. Subra

    Nice suggestions for clients . Posts like these come very rarely which talk about how a client should deal with financial planner .

    I agree with comments being more fruitful than the post 😉 . True .


  3. Hi Subra.. Gone through most of the post and am quite impressed with the thought provoking ideas poured into your the articles.

    Am a budding CFP and want to create Financial Awareness among my clients and public at large through blogging etc.

    Would be so nice of you, if you could give some guidance.

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