It is stunning how being a senior citizen is made difficult – in India as much as in US of A. One senior citizen who is hard of hearing (age 83) was approached by a very nice man who said “You seem to be hard of hearing, I can take you to a person who cured my Dad, please give me your name, telephone number and address”.

The senior citizen obliged. So the ‘good man’ approaches the senior citizen at his residence and collects some oil and other miscellaneous stuff and says we need to buy more ingredients. So off go the senior citizen and the ‘good’ man from Nerul to Vashi where this story took place last week. Vashi has an Ayurvedic Store called Chandan Ayurvedic who give them all the necessary ingredients – and the bill? Only Rs. 45,000. The senior citizen baulked – because he did not have that much. Immediately the amount is brought down to an affordable Rs. 22,900 – because the S. C. had only 23000 in the bank account! End of story? No. Luckily it was a crossed cheque given on a Friday evening so the Senior Citizen could withdraw the money from the bank and also do a stop payment.

Clearly seems to be a case of ‘hypnotism’ or the likes because the senior citizen (I know him) does not spend even Rs. 45 on medicines for himself!

Learning: Senior Citizens should:

1. Keep away from strangers

2. Do not invite unknown people home

3. a guy / gal talks well (very well?) be alert and suspicious

4. Say “I have to consult my…..X…(could be brother, CA, son, son-in-law, wife, husband….any body) before Ican take any financial decision

5. Say “My cheque books are with my son/daughter / …but not at home”

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  1. Luckily the story had a happy ending. Simply walking up to the shop was enough to take back the ‘expensive’ medicine and offer to return the bounced cheque. However the senior citizen’s neighbor was not so lucky. She parted with Rs. 10,000 cash for medicines which never came…she is still waiting!

  2. Dear Sir Im a regular read of ur aricles… do highlight name wise Co(s) who are doing such fraud bzns on MONEY MRKTG.ALLOVER INDIA.

    Thnx & Rgrds

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