If you have recently travelled in India you find private taxies – they are far more predicatble and well behaved. If you travel into Mumbai you will be greeted by a long line – normally 40 people in the Q and sometimes 60 people! It is amazing that Meru taxi, Gold Cab and Mega taxi are all sought after by the harassed Mumbaikar, but the ‘powers that be’ deciding that ONLY one private taxi can come at a time! The blue taxies (airconditioned, but with a RUNNING metre!) and the black and yellow taxies behave so badly (at least at the airport) that people do not mind waiting. The people running Mumbai airport, the policemen, Meru management (which is perhaps helpless?), the state government etc. behave like there is no hassle if a few people stand in the queue – what is their choice anyway? If we like in a political democracy why the hell are we being forced in a Bureaucratic Tyranny? Beats me.

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  1. Traveling by radio taxis like Meru etc. are any day more convenient than the regular cabs. Specially when one has lot of luggage and is heading to the airport. Its comfortable with the A/c,the rates are a little more than the regular taxis, but are totally worth it, one gets a receipt for the taxi fare, and whats best is that the drivers are well trained courteous and smartly dressed.

  2. Can only agree with you partially Priya. Once in a Meru taxi I found the (sorry if it sounds gross) the driver removing his shoes. His feet…need i add more? Unfortunately even though Meru is a professionally run taxi service they may have just over looked the need to train in personal hygiene. I think Meru taxis should also add a nice big umbrella, some tissue paper, etc. to the taxi..could be just useful.

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