Buffer Against Market Volatility

The investment pattern is adjusted to growth and security. It protects against market volatility by allowing a subscriber to invest in a diversified and balanced portfolio. To retain his pension corpus for 10 years after age 60.

Between the ages of 60 to 70 , the subscriber can withdraw  his savings in phased manner anytime the market is favorable.There is also a minimum amount that he should withdraw on a year to year basis from the clients age of 60 to 70 years.

Income stream after Retirement

Mandatory Annutisation of 40% of corpus provision for steady retirement income. The risks of a subscriber outliving his money are reduced as monthly annuity can be purchased for specific number of years.

Illiquid Scheme

Limited scope for withdrawal of pension assets  as a means of transferring resource from period of economic activity to a period of retirement

The NPS seeks to achieve inter temporal  consumption re – distribution i.e. it seeks to change  the consumption behavior of a person over his lifecycle

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