A brief history of why the National Pension Scheme was created:

The Forgotten Population
    The aged were not considered relevant
    People spent a small time in retirement – the gap between the retirement age to the living time was not much.
    They constitute the invisible population, financially dependant and passive in the economic process – and not vocal
    We need to remember that we will all go through that phase, so let us be prepared
The Pension Coverage

     Pension is synonymous with the formal sector employment
     Only the Governmental sector has a big population which gets an ‘indexed’ pension
     The non formal sector has  no pension coverage

The Pension Debate

    The pension debate is limited to pension in formal sector
     Non formal sector has willingness and capacity to invest
     Surplus income saving combats old age vulnerability
    When security is  the ability to work, old age and ill health result in  abject poverty

The Longevity versus Savings Debate

To those outside formal sector, old age security is available through limited voluntary savings
    The extent of the savings available and longevity decides  the quality of life in old age.


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  1. Annuities are the worst way to get money out of your retirement pot. That way i depend on some fund manager to pay me per month. i hope they introduce income drawdown when they review the NPS.

    BTW, do you provide fee for financial advise or is it commission based?

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