Is the United States of America a capiatlist state, a communist state or a socialist country? The answer is obvious is it not? It is a capitalist country…well er so you thought.

When Lehman, AIG, Merrill, etc. were distributing high salaries all of them looked like they believed in capitalism. Surely they would have said “there should be no government oversight” – thank God for the English language! Surely for FED it was oversight. All that happened was over its sight!!

Now that Lehman has gone under, and AIG was almost there, there is a clamour for government help – Fred and Mac got help, but Lehman did not. Now AIG has got protection. Will somebody get up and say how does the FED behave? Please? What logic?

Anyway if I sound like a commie, please excuse me. Does it not sound like the profits are in the private sector, the risk on the government, and failure on the tax payer? To me this sounds bizarre.

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