Mohan Chand Sharma a senior police officer has been shot dead by terrorist. Of course a few tears will be shed for him, the delhi police, the delhi state government and the central government will issue statements. Some money will be paid to his widow and slowly all be forgotten.

Does his wife feel at least she is getting something (government compensation is notoriously short)? Well at least she is getting something.

What is the risk people like Mohan Chand Sharma take in their lives?

There are some risks as follows:

1. Working in the police (presumably he knew what he was doing, so it is not a risk)

2. Dealing with terrorists (well it flows from the above, so he knew what he was doing, so not a risk)

3. Not wearing a bullet proof jacket (bravado? foolishness? surely an UNNECESSARY risk)

4. Perhaps (I have no clue) not having enough life insurance – the family needs money to pay for 2 children’s education, upkeep and settling down costs. Maybe buy a house (or repay existing loan). Pay for the car emi. Pay for the credit card dues…The list is endless. God bless his wife and other dependants.

If only some good life insurance agent had met him. And pushed him to cover the risk of life. Been persuasive, not pushy….IF, IF, IF……..

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