I have really been overwhelmed by the response to my postings on charity. So I thought I will do one more posting on the same.

Many people find it very difficult to believe that a bunch of middle class friends can get together to build a temple, or set up a poor feeding initiative. That is not so.

At a poor eastern suburb in Ghatkopar Mr. Garodia decided to give a dump-yard  (under High tension wires)  to  a  Samaj  which was then  manned by a  set of people who could be described  as  lower, middle and upper middle class.  There was no one person who could  say write a cheque for Rs. 2 crores and  say, “Go ahead and build a temple”.  There was one man (now late) Mr. Shreedhar who believed that the temple would get built. Most of us were sceptical. But his enthusiasm meant we ignored the fact that the land could not be transferred, that many official formalities could take time coming etc.

There was however one good idea which was heard. Between all of us we knew enough general managers, executive directors, head of sales etc. who could help us with “things” rather than money!

So we spoke to EID PARRY for the wash basins and sinks, Crompton Greaves for fans and lights, H&R Johnson for tiles, ….and lo and behold the temple was ready! We had a free architect, a fantastic municipal commissioner (dreaded by the whole of Mumbai!), free tiles – and a helpfully free transporter who brought it from Jaipur….the list is endless!

Today the worth of the temple, and all the assets there (apart from the land) should be worth about a couple of crores! And we never had a couple of crores. Today the temple complex is a SBU – and the collection is far, far greater than the expenses….so in a business sense, we are superbly cash surplus.

My suggestion to all charitable organisations is please, please, please make a wish list and publish it. You never know from where the money can come. I know I am more than happy to get rid of 22 erasers, 100 pencils, 30 story books, 20 CDs……so any orphanage can take this.

just do it! as Nike says, it works.

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  1. “Just do it” is a pretty good way to convert thoughts into actions. Publishing what we need so that help may come from any one is really a wonderful use of technology and e-connections. I hope the people do implement it and help themselves and the society. If you could help more by telling where to publish so people can access right people.

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