Learning about Business & Personal Finance-Tools, Techniques, Strategies and Tactics
the practical workout
At: DAY’S INN Vashi, Mumbai
4th and 5th Feb 2008
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About the Programme
The two day compact finance workshop aims to raise the level of financial awareness of the participants and enable them to use the financial information provided to them to make better short-term or long-term decisions in managing their businesses and their personal lives.
Key Benefits of Attending
By raising their financial awareness, participants are better able to manage their revenues, costs, profits, cash and investments.This workshop will provide basic financial principles and cover generic financial management tools necessary for strategic decision-making and effective communication with financial professionals.

In their personal lives most of their goals would be financial goals, and to achieve them one will need to borrow, invest, make financial decisions, know how to keep financial records, etc.

We will take the candidate through the whole gamut of investing and borrowing.

Key Reasons To Attend This Workshop
  • Understand important components in a financial statement or annual report
  • Know accounting basics, financial jargons their usage and implications
  • Learn to interpret and analyse financial statement
  • Analysis and comparison of company’s performance
  • Managing the cash operating cycle
  • Understanding financial ratios and using them to analyse company’sperformance and comparisons
  • Using financial tools to make smart decisions
  • Understanding the budget process with significance of monitoring and controlling budget
  • Know how to set financial goals and then choose appropriate vehicles of investing
  • Understanding jargon of financial professionals
Over the years, you have invested a lot of time and money into your academic education.
You have broadened your perspective to the next rung of the ladder, and invested in your professional education as well, via job-specific training.
While academic education gets us a job, professional education allows us to make enough money to create excess capital. Financial education then enables us to use our money to work harder so that one day we won’t have to.
Financially savvy people have learned to let their assets do the work for them, leaving them ample time to enjoy life.
The programme will benefit all executives and staff from Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Distribution, Finance and Accounts from all types of businesses.
Anybody who has money, has to borrow money, or wishes to understand risk should attend this program.
DAY ONE – Learning Business Finance
Accounting basics and Financial Statements, An introduction to commonly used finance jargons, Understanding the Basic Accounting concepts, Introduction to the basic concepts of a balance sheet and accounting entries, Key accounting concepts, Financial Statement Analysis, Reading Profit and loss statements, Cash flow, key ratios and evaluating credit worthiness of the company on the basis of financial reports, and Managing the working Capital cycle.
DAY TWO – Learning Personal finance
Learning to set financial goals, event based investing, choosing the appropriate vehicle, risk, retirement planning, own vs. rent, repay vs. invest, risk vs. reward in investing, are some of the concepts that one needs to revisit. Taking stock of where you are, where you want to go, choosing the appropriate vehicle, protecting existing assets, recording the assets, nomination and estate planning.
Mr. P V Subramanyam:
He started his career as a Chartered Accountant and went to become a corporate member of National Stock Exchange (NSE). Since 2000, he is in the training profession and has trained personnel from various sectors like Banks, Insurance companies, Mutual Funds and Brokerage houses.His client list includes organizations like Standard Chartered, HDFC, ICICI, Prudential, and Kotak, to name a few. He conducts courses on areas related to Finance for non finance persons and Personal financial planning.

WORKSHOP METHODOLOGY – Participative, interactive, presentation, success stories, problem discussions and course material.

One Day
Both Days
9000 +12.36% : 6742
16000 +12.36% : 11360
  • Service Tax Registration No: ST/OID/BEL/1538
  • The fee includes lunch and tea/coffee on both the days + course material
  • Send your nominations on your letterhead along with the prescribed fee by Cheque / DD (for companies outside Mumbai) payable to:
IRIS Business Services
T-131 TOWER 1 3rd Floor,International Infotech Park,Vashi, Mumbai – 400 703.
Phone No. 022 – 2781 4435 ; Phone/ Fax No. : 022 – 2781 4434
Contact Us at : / 022 – 2781 4435

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