I have been using Icici bank (since 1995) and Hdfc bank (since 1993) – and am reasonably satisfied with them.

Icici bank seems to have better technology – I can do more things online with Icici bank, than I can do with Hdfc bank. For example if I sell shares through a broker (other than Icici direct and Hdfc securities respectively) I can give online delivery in Icici – but in case of Hdfc bank I will have to go to the bank to give delivery.

Now I am old fashioned – and prefer keeping my demat account with the bank, but prefer dealing with a broker who will give me an RM with access to a terminal. So I deal with a 3rd party broker.

Now comes the fun. If I have a problem with say Icici bank in giving delivery, and I call the call centre, it goes like this….

dial xii222332777

Other side: Please dial your 16 digit account number

for English dial 2

dial 4 for problems in demat account / credit card/ ..

forOTP dial 2

for re-sending OTP dial 3

dial your 15 digit bank account number

dial your 11 digit demat account number

by this time you have forgotten why you started diallng…

then you go to the branch…and the guy at the branch says “sir why don’t use our Customer Do not care number…

then you call again. It says “to enter dial…”

Ha, I forgot, I am a wealth customer, so Customer Service is good enough to call me

“Sir I am Prakassh Damle” your Service Manager

Wow I said..not bad

“Sir do you have any Service Related Issues

Oh yes “I am unable to give delivery of my demat shares”

Oh sir It is an Icici direct problem…not a bank issue sir

No. I have an icici bank demat account, I do not use Icici direct account.

Sir then how can Icici bank give delivery of shares?

Well Sir which platform do you use?

Me: I use Way to Wealth

Sir it must be W to W problem

No, I am not able to give delivery from Icici bank account

Sir we have only IPO possible..how can you sell shares from Icici bank website?

Me: Ask Icici bank to spend money on training please.

Phew. Thanks Icici bank

Comment: Icici bank technology is still superior to Hdfc bank.

IN Hdfc bank I can’t even do E-transfer.

What’s my choice RBI?

these are the best 2 banks I heard.

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  1. Not sure if you noticed, but most banks are moving their help desk to “paid premium numbers” (starting with 1860) also. So you pay even if you have free calls

  2. Hi Subra,

    I had exactly the same problem during the lockdown and was unable to sell the quantam liquid fund units purchased directly, I was bounced back & forth between the Quantam team and ICICI team, luckily after several calls one of the quantam team lead took pity and explained the situation exactly the way it needs to be explained to the ICICI team, actually its a simple process of sharing a simple form with ICICI and it took some time for the ICICi helpdesk to figure that out , the RM had to put some effort behind scenes to share the form, the issue was resolved after i scanned and sent a form filled for selling the units…but I had to jump several hoops before it was resolved..it took more than 10 days for the issue to be resolved and considering the fact that the liquid funds are meant for emergencies, it is a scary situation when I look back if I really had an emergency…

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