Every post by every finance person is to sell you something! So I am here trying to sell my books, advertisements on my blogs, ads on my YouTube Channel, seats in my training class.

Is there any “free” blog? No.  Every written word, blog, video log, oral communication, media appearance, seminar, webinar, Instapost, wassup, email, letter, phone call, or text is in some way, directly or indirectly, a solicitation for some kind of product or service.  And if it isn’t, well at least you erred on the side of caution, or you did not understand what product is being sold, you have not seen hard enough!

None of us, repeat, none of us are here to do you a favor. For example, when you read my blog, I am here to have fun. Yes, you will learn, and the MOST important thing for you to learn is: all my examples are from my portfolio. My successes and dramatic failures. However, you cannot run your portfolio based on just my blog.

Assume that most of us are decent people, you will also have to accept that we have scumbags amongst us. Bankers like RK Talwar do not exist anymore. CA like H K Bilpodiwala have also gone. You have to deal with bankers and auditors who are much lesser humans.

Wait a minute, DHFL is a fraud, right? Remember the promoters paid up Rs. 55,000 crores (read it again, 55k crores) and then ran out of money. Seriously big money. Santosh Kamath recovered money given to DHFL – none of the other lenders did. Did you know this? Will our media talk about it? Well, well. So the next disclaimer is about the Media. If you do not understand how it works, you are up shit creek.

If you have seen a lot of the market people, it still does not mean you have seen everything. Most industry players are here to make money – finance, pharma, auto, – does not matter. A stupid investor and a greedy service provider are an amazing combination to lose money – and nothing can stop this. Creating stupid, unnecessary, expensive products is a part of every industry – and the regulator is very compliant with the industry!

Passing laws to save the investor is useless. The idiot on the road will not even read the form which he signs – how do you prevent him from getting hurt?

Go, have fun.

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  1. Harikrishna Avvaru

    True sir . Two years ago (exactly aug -18) , when I feel the equities are peaking , I have taken some funds to invest in NCD bonds. I do not take decision myself , I requested my HDFCSec call provider to consult his boss or his department higher ups to recommended me some safe fixed investment instruments. They recommended DHFL securd 8.93NCDSR3B2026 montly dividend.
    I put my hard earned money Rs. 200000 in them & also like to increase my investment in the same. Every one of us know the story what happened. so big lession , which costs me Rs. 2 lakh . Thank god . it is good lession that gives a different perspective to view the recommendations . One should have his own vision, even after taking recommendations from other. Then only it will be Wise decision.

  2. OK Subra you continue having fun by writing here, and we will draw our share of learning from this. No visitor to this blog is a loser anyway 😀.

  3. I really appreciate your honesty. Everybody wants to make money.There is nothing wrong with it.Capitalism & progress of humankind depends only on incentives in monetary terms.Otherwise till today,we would have been in 18th century ecosystem only.It is ,now , a duty of consumer in any service or manufacturing industry to be well informed so as not to be looted by fraudsters.Humble request to you,please carry on job ,to make people well informed.
    That is more valuable than doing charities.
    All the Best ,Sir
    May you make lots of money.
    It is everybody’s birthright,but nobody is entitled to do it at cost of looting others.
    If one believes it is his birthright to loot others,carry on,There does exist ULTIMATE COURT.

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