By now it is old news that a 34 year old young successful boy-man killed himself in Mumbai. Every year some young person throws himself / herself to death, and there is nothing that we are able to do about it.

Welcome to the world of depression – the global epidemic. None of us understand how it works, but we will not seek a doctor’s help while we still can. If anything we think we can even cure others! We think that a hug, kiss, vacation, and good food will pull a person out of depression. Give me a break. Honestly, the only good thing we can do is to say “I went through this shit in office and was feeling low”. You could build on it further by saying “i was not eating well, sleeping well, had no desire to go for a workout, my office work was suffering,…and I decided to see Dr. H S….and I thought it helped me”. Don’t try curing – it is the equivalent of you trying to do brain surgery. Luckily you are not allowed to do surgery.

In sports and in film industry you could earn in spurts – and you never know when you have already got your last big cheque. It is scary. Film Industry suicide may not just be emotional, it could be poor financial management too. Most people in the film industry will not have money to live for 90 days without income. Most of them are worse than your domestic help and drivers.

Some of the biggest names have cash flow issues – many would be paying for their ex-wife’s lifestyle – paying alimony on a monthly basis is not easy. Then there is kid maintenance. Then new relationships, kids from that marriage – which happens when you are 50 – nothing is easy, is it?

But depression is not a natural disease. It is not an inevitable part of being human. It’s a disease caused by a high-stress, industrialized, modern lifestyle that is incompatible with our genetic evolution.

The brain’s “runaway stress response” – is similar to the fight or flight response, which evolved to help our ancestors when they faced predators or other physical dangers. The runaway stress response required intense physical activity for a few seconds, a few minutes, or – in extreme cases – a few hours.

Today we have very little physical ‘work’ so exercising, gymming, etc. have to be “acquired” habits. Not many people do voluntarily.

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