I have always asked myself this question.

So let me clarify one more. I do not have a commercial angle to this blog. I do not advertise – Google ads do pop up – and I make about Rs. 5000 per month from that. I can get Rs. 100,000 for one post on my blog – along with 2 tweets on Twitter. I do not do that. So there is no commercial angle, at all.

Am I fooling myself that I am creating an impact on the Mutual fund industry (at least)? No.

Am I fooling myself that the Regulators read my blog? OMG, no.

This is meant for the common man. YOU. Not the baboo(n)s who will anyway not listen.

Many Indians are obviously Financially Illiterate. Don’t kill yourself. Personal finance is not taught in school, college or in training by your HR. Parents do not even know that PF 101 is necessary to be “taught”.

There are many common financial mistakes – see my vlog – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFrue8QmeAE – not learning about money, delay in investment, spending too much, having inadequate insurance, not doing home-work, not paying attention to documentation, not knowing how to set goals, not knowing which products to buy, etc.

You are an intelligent human being, so you go to solve these problems, right? Alas! the people who claim to help you are either untrained, uninformed of plain liars. Your bank rm, mortgage advisor, mutual fund agent, life insurance agent – are ultimately here to sell their products. Welcome to the terrible, horrible world of irresponsible, untrained financial markets. Our regulator speaks a language which is alien even to the trained mind.

All this means YOU need Help.

I write, talk, ….about wealth. That’s my Ikigai.


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  1. Subra you are making a personal Brand through a blog. Some people who read your blogs may approach you for professional advice. Also lot of people would join your seminars because they have read your opinions and liked it. So yes there no direct commercial benefit to blog, but it can’t be denied it is a good marketing tool for other endeavours.

  2. Yes sir. As you said , this blog is for common man like me..My personal financial understanding started from this blog around 2010.. Through subramoney.com and your books, I knew about many informative sites like freefincal.com. Whatever little i know about PF, it was started from here. I am sure many like me benefited through this site..
    My heartfelt thanks to you..

  3. Carry On Sir what you find okay for yourself.
    Even if it serves purpose of marketing for you or your brand,I find it perfectly okay.It is centuries old practice,even Ages old Religions also have marketing in terms of Blessings & Curses.
    Humble request is to continue to contribute for better Personal Finance awareness.
    Consider yourself as Distance Learning University of Personal Finance, Dean.
    You decide,You deliver,Who gets enrolled & benefited is side products.
    Dr.Rajnikant Gajjar,Bharuch

  4. Your blog has been a godsend even for so called financially knowledgeable people as well as novices and I thank my stars everyday that I have come across your blog. Whatever the indirect benifit gained is insignificant compared to the invaluable knowledge shared by you in rhis blog. You are a Financial Guru to all your readers and please continue being so.

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