For those who did not notice, I now have a YT channel – and the link is provided here. I hope to be different from the very many channels that are around – and that could mean I could be boring!

I will be writing about Investment philosophy, Investment diary, Improving as an Investor, Investment strategic statement – but you will not find Financial porn. I may write “What to buy now” but “top 30 shares that will make you rich” – if at all, it would be a click-bait.

I will be addressing the small investor, the big investor, and will write on topics like Value investing, Investing mistakes I made (hey I live my life on investment income). I will be writing about more complicated things like “why Risk Profiling is a Joke” – and I have had fights with “qualified” IFA who did not know that they were doing a poor job. I will be doing stories – “I have got Rs. 10 crores what should I do” or “What should Mr. Suresh do with the Rs. 5 crores won at KBC” – knowing that he anyway does not read my blog.

I hope to be different, so I may not do a post on “Value investing vs Growth Investing”. However I may do a vlog on “are psu value traps”.

For those of you who come to my blog to read, the language, style, attitude may not be very different. However I still urge you to “subscribe” on the YT channel – it is a good place to “binge watch” while driving. It is very safe – there is NOTHING ATTRACTIVE to see…and in a one hour drive you can listen to an array of talks about investing.

Many people have been asking me whether I am planning to go “paid” or whether “I have an E-course to which they can subscribe.

My answer is NO. I made (make) money by investing. Not by selling courses, or selling software to create alpha – face it if I were really that good in investing, why should I need that “income”? Also when I have something to sell, the way i write changes. So I do not wish to do that. However I will continue to sell –

a. My paid lectures and b. The books that I publish from time to time.

Nothing else. Well at least as of today – 16th April, 2020. I deserve the right to change my mind…

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  1. Increase your voice, or keep the mic closer sir. Right now, it is very difficult to hear and make out what you are speaking.

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