First of all I am feeling like the worst day of my life. My biggest loss in equity markets ever in one day. Obviously I have not done such big trade losses, so it is the biggest fall in my portfolio. I do not wish to put any numbers, but if I lose like this everyday for 10 days continously, I will have to take up a job again. This is like saying if it rained like 25/26th July 2005 for 10 days Mumbai would be submerged. Of course it is true, but you don’t take a Black Swan event hit and extrapolate it over 10 days. In other words if the market fell by 4000 points everyday for 10 days, there will be no equity market. Bull shit, but expect some journo to talk financial porn like that.

Well first the FII sold, then the ETF sold – anybody who had selling pressure sold. I have spoken about this…in a video shot at home…please do not crib about the quality. The quality that ETNow, Cnbc, Zee – where you see me…is far superior, but bear this for 12 minutes.

I have tried to talk sense…I hope you like it..


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  1. Thank you sir. We need constant communication from your side to help less-experience investors tide through.

  2. For someone who is reading your blog since 2010 and who went all the way back to Jan2008 to read the older posts. This was surprising.
    Must be the 1st time you have posted a video featuring yourself on your blog. Shows what kind of a day it was.
    The majority of the meagre gains I am still sitting on is because of SIPs during a lean period, so definitely continue.
    Time to also reflect on asset allocation.

  3. If you knew the China virus would erode 20,000 pts off the sensex (or more) in two months in January itself, what would you have done? And why?

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