there is a 21 day lock down..and almost everything has to come to a stand still…so if you are bored you can send me an phone no wassap..and you should NOT ask the following questions…

  1. Do you think the market is at the bottom?
  2. When do you think it will reach 42000 again?
  3. I heard that the max time a bear market takes to recover is 20 months?
  4. My salary is Rs. 36L, I have a Rs. 1 crore home loan and Rs. 10L to invest. What should I do?
  5. Subra I have Rs. 50L what to do? (amount has varied from Rs. 1L to Rs. 12 crores)
  6. Subra was this your worst day as an investor?
  7. Should I withdraw my money from equities?
  8. Is this the reason that compounding does not work in equities?
  9. What if I withdraw partially and be invested partially?
  10. Suraj Kealey in his blog says “Equities do not always work”what do you think?

the list is endless……………..and I am planning to Vlog about these questions….

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  1. (1) How is impact of a lock down on inventory pile up? Companies (esp auto manufacturers) seem to have inventories and finished goods in their factories and with dealers, distributors and other networks. In a lock down, how can old stock be cleared when lock down re-opens? Also the demand will not pick just because the lock down completed after 21 days. Would the firms who are on thin wafer profit margins get hit?
    (2) Financial services – major loan advances by firms are towards housing. There is no one rushing to buy Apts now. People may park money from market (or elsewhere) and put in Bank FD. Banks may not be in a position to match and advance ‘new’ loans proportionately. Banks maintain status-quo means growth(%) falls. Is it wait and watch mode than rush to invest ?
    (3) How can extension of time lines to file tax, TDS etc be helpful for revival?

  2. 1) About 8 months ago US government shutdown due to budget issues. Now they say pumping 1 Trillion into economy. Where does the money come to govt? Can govt indiscriminately print money? Is there a check and balance to print money?

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