One thing that technology has done is it has made it easy to transact online. So it can be done in a jiffy and without much help of an adviser. Great.

However, most smart investors will realize that transacting is a very small part of an INVESTORS activity. In my investing portfolio, the action of transacting is almost irrelevant. Well almost.

One more thing that technology has done is that it has thrown open the writings of the greatest investors open for all of us.

However, when you are about to hit 6 decades on the planet and 4 of them dealing with people’s money – in some form or the other, you realize that people need something else. Trying to learn investing without a teacher and directly from the internet is as difficult as drinking water from a fire hydrant. Try it and you will know what I mean.

Hence it becomes necessary for somebody to take all the data, information, and noise and pack it into capsules for the investor. Of course the investor must realize that this can’t come free. If somebody is putting their heart and soul into it, they need to be compensated. It takes time, effort, brains, technology, to bring it to you. Yes, for a fee.

Srikanth Meenakshi and Vidya Bala have just embarked on such a journey and along with Aarati Krishnan and Bhavana Acharya I am sure that they will do a great job.

What the retail investor is unbiased review, and hand holding during their investment journey. As of now this is not available to anybody – not even the dumb rich investor. It is the real, big, rich investor who knows how to get it from the relevant advisers.

I am sure that they will put together a good professional team which will act like Lord Shiva. Mythology has it that when Ganga came to earth from heaven Lord Shiva took the force on his head and controlled the force and channeled it for us. I am sure the team at PrimeInvestor will do this for us. The data has to be converted to usable bits with actionable points. Information has to be made for the INVESTORS. Not as a sales pitch for the product. YOU are going to be the prime focus, and with meticulous research (takes a team can’t be done by one person alone), placing the client above the product, and help the client take sensible decisions. If they can provide you with ‘Goal based portfolios’, and “Target Date Portfolios” – like “Child plan 2030” or “Retirement 2049” – it would be great. Only those investors who are capable of knowing the “cost” of NOT HAVING such research will be appreciable as to why such a product should cost money.

Such a project will always be close to heart – remember I know these people for 10 years+ and to that I am biased if I am saying nice things about them. In fact I know that all of them are above greed – and Vidya the youngest has a soul that is a few centuries old. I have no doubt that they will be above taking money from manufacturers or distributors. They are also wise enough to know the distinction between fee and bribe. I can tell you it is very tough these days! I know that the team realizes that a professional service like this is not scaleable – a Bloomberg or Reuters takes decades to build. I hope that the team has strength like Lord Shiva – they will need to hold a lot of poison in their necks! All the best and ashirvadams to all of you – each one is individually younger than me. God bless.

Wholehearted in my saying that this would be one of the best investments that you should make

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