What concepts that I know and people do not know. Ok I mean which concepts that I know and shocks me to know that many people do not know. Not only not know, but even refuse to listen, learn and implement…

  1. Compounding – they will keep arguing that compounding does not work in equity, does not work in a floating rate bond, ..etc. till the cows come home.
  2. Arguing that “equity has worked in the past 40 years….does it mean…” yuck. Go hang.
  3. Paying a credit card in parts improves credit rating -one person SELLING credit cards was told this and he believed it. He would parrot it to his clients!!
  4. Just because you can afford something, it does not mean you need it.
  5. Just because you can afford an EMI you should buy something
  6. Concept of 50:30:20 – spending investing, ratios. Most people are angry when they hear this!
  7. Personal finance is 90% personal and 10% finance.
  8. Behavioral finance is easy to understand and IMPOSSIBLE to implement.
  9. Taking on debt to buy ANY asset is NECESSARY.
  10. Tax deductions like ppf, housing emi vs tax deductions like home loan interest
  11. thinking that dividends from companies and dividends from mutual funds are the same.
  12. Not knowing that when mutual funds say “tax free” dividends, they still pay STT, DDT, …
  13. Dividends in India are tax free – greatest myth.
  14. RBI/sebi/irda – have done a great job
  15. Momentum investing is easy. Value investing is boring.
  16. Market fluctuation is more dangerous than inflation
  17. Inflation is not so bad if it is a small number like 6% pa
  18. Inflation is inevitable in a growing economy.
  19. My father believed he should sell his car at the same price he bought it, I believe I should sell my house at a much, much higher price than what I bought it for.
  20. I can look at the portfolio of fund managers and build my own portfolio.
  21. I must have an opinion on every financial product, and activity.
  22. “Subra you are an expert how can you say you do not know Momentum investing, FnO, Cryptocurrency, compounding in equities……….”. Dammit, I don’t know, Idk!
  23. Risk can come from anywhere
  24. If you can predict, measure and prepare for risk, it is not a black swan.
  25. Leverage hurts….

the list is really much much longer…but enjoy these 25 now….

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