I have no clue whether resolutions work..but I guess people make them anyway. So here are somethings that you can do….

  1. Keep improving your financial literacy.
  2. Look after your PHYSICAL health.
  3. People talking personal finance from just personal experience ARE shallow.
  4. Personal finance is easy BUT BORING. See if you are up to doing it.
  5. Improve your credit score – by whatever numbers
  6. Look for a better job
  7. If you are a businessman start planning your exit from the business!
  8. Personal finance is a FAMILY activity – involve the kids too.
  9. Make a budget and stick to it
  10. Have your expenses credit card and “borrowing” credit card separate
  11. Automate your expense payment and your investing
  12. Clean up your wardrobe – de cluttering reduces stress
  13. Build your emergency fund if you have not done it already!
  14. Make your Will. Today. Preferably NOW.
  15. Downsize all your loans (other than Housing) by 100% and home mortgage by 20%
  16. Pass this on to 1,000,000 others. Wills will reduce the stress on the legal system

I can go on….but what YOU implement is more important. What I say is theory!

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