Lots of Retirement meetings – IFA and IAP – so here are some of the learning and some tips for you. Actually I have lots…here are a few…did not count…

  1. Earn Well, Spend sensibly, and Importantly Invest Intelligently.
  2. Max your PPF ONLY when you are investing at least Rs. 10L p.a.
  3. Open a PPF as soon as you can but keep putting the minimum till you turn 45
  4. Have a will. Keep it updated.
  5. Have a Medical will – what treatment should you get if you are unable to decide for yourself.
  6. Review your will REGULARLY.
  7. Make sure people know about your will – and at least about where it is kept.
  8. Have a standby plan for your MAIN finance person.
  9. Introduce all your investment professionals to all the stake holders.
  10. Your spouse and kids should be as good as you are in DOCUMENT management
  11. Find an IFA who will help you with document management and document audit.
  12. One day I hope to launch a document management, will writing and audit functions…waiting to buy expertise..

a dozen a day…is good right?

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