There is a big BFSI mafia out there who will not like such a statement. It is in our interest to tell you that you will have to do asset allocation, pick shares, pick funds, read investment literature, go to an adviser, do goal setting,……….phew.

When you hear all this it sounds complicated, boring, difficult and you feel like outsourcing the whole thing.

Actually it is partially true.

The question to answer is do you want to meet your goals or brag about your investments, look good or social media, or sound smart.

This is not a question that an IFA, RIA or financial planner DARE TO ASK YOU.

Let us assume that you really do only want to meet your goals. If yes, and you  can cross your heart and swear on it, investing is simple.

  1. Invest your money – 50% in Large cap Index fund, 25% in Midcap Index fund and 15% in small cap fund. Invest 10% in Ultra short bond fund.
  2. Think of this as a 20/30/50 years/ FOREVER kind of a time frame.
  3. Keep investing without worrying about who is the FM, who is the PM, what Subra or any idiot like him is saying on a day to day basis. Just do not read articles that appear in the press. Not enough practicing people are writing, and that is sad.
  4. For most writers causation and co-relation are not very different from each other, be careful.
  5. Get yourself a term insurance (plain and simple, no riders) from your earning days till you are 55 years of age. Don’t buy whole life, return of premium,…and such other SHIT. Buy it online, fill the form electronically, and pay the premium, do the medical, and you could be up and running.
  6. Get yourself a medical insurance, top up and super top up. This is difficult to do it on your own. Go and get a good “agent” and buy from him or her.
  7. Get 2 credit cards – one to be kept at home, and one to be used all over the country – with limits of say Rs.75000 and the second card with a limit of Rs 5L – to be used in case of an emergency…
  8. Keep track of our day to day expenses! write in a book – not in a wassap message,…or a software..

hey doctors…more to go…

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