Ramayan is a beautiful story, and the more you read it and the more the interpretations that you hear…the greater it gets.

So there is a soul (Sita, atma) living in Panchavati (5 senses)..and keeps thinking about Rama (Parmatma). As long as she lives within her means and is focused about her goals, NOTHING CAN touch her. Even the vice (Ravan) does not come in a 10 headed form. He comes dressed like a nice man. So do our vices – all of them – Krodha, Lobha, Lust, Cruelty….come in various form. Gambling, drinking, over-eating, lust, trading without learning how to trade, doing FnO without understanding how it works, … nothing looks DANGEROUS when it comes. So funny, just like Ravan they stand at your door asking you to come out. WE OBLIGE. We step out and get carried away.

Then the Atma cries to the Parmatma for help (Sita calling Ram for help). However, the Parmatma cannot help directly. He does it through a Guru (Hanuman).

Hey how did the whole thing start? Well, there was a Golden deer. When the deer comes the greatest ADVISOR (brother, dedicated for life) tells you “there is nothing called a Golden deer”, but still the husband goes chasing an IMPOSSIBLE goal. AGAINST THE ADVICE of a trusted advisor. That leads to extreme pain.

What are the 10 vices that the 10 heads of Ravan represent?

Kama Vasana(Lust): This carnal desire edging on the immoral side that can make one commit heinous crimes. Kama is not just sexual lust. It includes lust for food (gluttony), money (greed), kama for respect, …all that is lust.

Krodha(Anger): Many crimes and quarrels are caused over the mere inability to think when we are in anger. Control over Anger or Krodha will avoid a lot of regrets in future. What all to control in Krodha? control the FREQUENCY, the INTENSITY,  and reduce the time taken to RECOVER from Krodha. FIR of krodha, if you may.

 Moha (Attraction): Obsessing over things can be a sin when we lose the sense of our reason. It’s better to keep out obsessions in check.

Lobha (Greed): This old sin is the cause of many embarrassments and possible crimes. Did you laugh when you read the story of the farmer who killed the hen that laid golden eggs? Later on in life did you see many such farmers? Did you kill any such hen? So it is not so uncommon, right?

Mada(Over Pride): Being proud over worldly possessions is a futile exercise which is both momentary and temporary. If you are old enough to read this blog, you are old enough to read Kathoupanishad – the story of Nachiketa.

Matsara (Jealousy): This green eyed monster devours our sense of logic and serenity and is better kept at bay for our prosperity and satisfaction. Most of us get what we deserve, sadly we think we deserve more and OTHERS deserve less. More crimes are caused by jealousy than by even greed.

Swartha (Selfishness): Being a selfish person only gets us back in the end. Kindness always pays back and helping a person in need will never go in vain. Ayn Rand wrote a book on “Virtue of Selfishness” – you must read it. I used to be impressed by her in college. Then I realized that our ancient texts are far better. Remember she ended up in the Mad House. Sorry, but selfishness is not a virtue. Read that book, it helps.

Anyaaya( Injustice): should always be just and not succumb to unfair practices, be it in our work or personal life.

Amanavata (Cruelty): Being kind and humble and also standing up against those who are cruel will give us a meaning to our modest life.

Ahankara( Ego): The vice of Raavna that brought the whole lanka down is something we indulge in everyday. Avoiding our ego will keep us happier in our lives.

So, this Dussehra, lets win a battle with in and rid these ten heads of Raavna for and be prosperous and successful in life.

Remember even Rama could not reach Sita when he was dealing with the vices (heads) – he was told that the vices will keep coming back, and had to be tackled, but it is not easy. Only when he attacked the ‘self-consciousness’ could he kill Ravana. So for the Atma (Sita) to meet the Parmatma (Ram) a Guru was needed (Hanuman) and the vices (Ravana) had to be killed. That is the essence of Rama’s Ramanya…


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