I have not written much about the Financial Technologies problem, and about its founder Jignesh Shah. I always felt that the investors who invested in such schemes should have understood that they were taking risk. When SBI was giving 8% p.a. interest, nobody, repeat nobody can give 12% assured, RISK FREE returns.

However, most of us knew that it was not all great at NSE. The people working inside that company were too shrewd, had no skin in the game, and made tons of money. However, even this was just a murmur…a name here and a name there. Ajay Shah, Susan Thomas,…words were dropped, but nothing happened.

It is necessary to know from where all risk can come. One baboo(n) at a senior level playing dirty, one powerful minister wanting to protect somebody else – can ruin a reputation, career, – even life.

Now read on what Jignesh has to say…remember this is a one-sided Jignesh’s story. I do not have PC’s side of the story. Not sure how you want to read and understand it…but read on…


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