Recently a friend lost his father. The father did not live a luxurious life, but we all knew he had money. Maybe he wanted to leave it for his children. He did exactly that – Rs. 9 crores. This is not the first story that I have heard, nor is it the last. He has 2 daughters settled in the USA and one son settled in Chennai. All 3 have said “Jeene apni zindagi” to the older couple – and when I say Rs. 9 crores, this does not include a 3 bhk in Mumbai. This should be worth another Rs. 5 crores. Wow. Rs. 14 crores.

Another sad story is when parents use their own resources to buy a flat – and the son contributes say 30% of the down payment and full 100% of the EMI. Another stupid move. Hey people do it all the time. I know a couple in their 80s who live on the 2nd floor of a building without a life. The new house with all the facilities like ift, camera, etc. is given on rent. The father says “let my son benefit” – I think that is wrong. Well, who am I to say something….

Why do parents kill their own needs to leave more money for the kids? Some kids do not need it, and many kids are not even grateful.

Why do parents do this? Beats me…

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  1. the answer is seated in deep roots of Indian culture
    .patents should not be extravagant nor should suppress their desires and needs.
    middle path is right way again

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