Kalyug: when people who talk well are thought to be subject market experts. I am more and more convinced that people need a financial adviser just to separate the shit from the facts on blogs, television, vlogs, etc. Have you seen such shit? Please post it in the comments…with links if you have them.

You tube has made content posting easy. So some amazing shit is being given as “advice” and in many languages. I have only seen English and Hindi Videos, so I do not know of other language shit…let me stick to this…

  1. NPS does asset allocation for you automatically, and hence once you do investment in NPS, you do not need a financial planner.
  2. Mutual funds are not suitable for people in the army and senior citizens.
  3. A mutual fund company (amc I guess) earns 2% in equity funds..so if Rs. 100 crores is invested in its equity scheme, it earns Rs. 2 crores.
  4. Amfi is a SRO
  5. Term insurance with return of premium is better than pure term insurance.
  6. There can be no fraud in your demat account.
  7. In the 1990s you had too much risk – high brokerage, …etc. Its a joke.
  8. If you had invested Rs 10 in 1980 in Wipro it would be worth Rs. 60L today.
  9. Mutual funds are too risky for senior citizens
  10. Your money is very safe in bank fixed deposits
  11. Most of the videos are actually selling their services – mutual fund, share advisory, etc.
  12. We have been outperforming the markets for a long time


i can go on and on and on….that is not the purpose…please post the kind of shit that you have seen or read…could be anywhere…

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  1. Sir, the 12 points in this post are your suggestions/clarifications OR are these examples of the kind of shit you want readers to be aware of?
    A line of clarification would be highly appreciated. Thanks

  2. I did not get what is wrong with this statement – “A mutual fund company (amc I guess) earns 2% in equity funds..so if Rs. 100 crores is invested in its equity scheme, it earns Rs. 2 crores.” – Generally the Expense Ratio is around 2% of Most Equity Mutual Funds , or am i missing something. Pls help

  3. A fin start up started in Jun 2018 says

    Grow your money with xxxxxx
    In the last 5 years,
    Inflation stood at 5%
    Fixed deposit gave 8%
    Sensex grew at 11.3%
    xxxxxx portfolios grew at 24.23% per annum

  4. sir, pls throw more light on 8 (Wipro)… because this example is really all-over the internet… and while 60L doesn’t look too tempting; when exemplified to multi-crores – it becomes an instant marketing tool for “equity” and “indefinite patience in equity” …

  5. Here is one: Holding on to cash is like holding on to trash. you need to immediately do something with it. Buy Gold, buy Real estate, buy stocks.. but get rid of cash, soon. it will lose value.

  6. Its not what people read, its what people don’t read that puts them in trouble really. I have seen many many people who don’t spend any time on their personal finance. They simply don’t have the idea that they need to do it for their betterment. This is far worse than people reading much of the above and doing some sort of investment or whatever. Even buying some ULIP or whatever is much better than keeping lakhs of rupees in saving account for years.

  7. Mohit Goyal…Wipro had a face value of Rs. 100 and the minimum that you could buy in an IPO was 100 shares, so you could have bought shares worth Rs. 10000. Idiots who tell you that you could have invested in 10 shares of 100 each are WRONG. But 10,000 becoming Rs. 600 crores is correct…I have written about this in my blog long long ago…do read it..

  8. Before talking about WIPRO, we should review our equity / Mutual fund portfolio and should see how long we held the compounders. An average INVESTOR may hold the junk shares for more number of years than the performing one. This is the reality today. Even one is not ready to hold the mutual funds for more than 5 years. I may be wrong, but this is a reality today!! Are we ready to hold the portfolio for 30-40 years??

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