Should you work in Retirement?

India has a vey flexible retirement age. In family run companies (even if they are listed) a lot of senior people are retained far beyond their age of retirement. Look at our parliament – 70 is not considered old. So should you work while in retirement? another way of looking at it is by asking “should you retire later than earlier”?

Well working in retirement has a few advantages for sure:

  1. You add to the Retirement kitty : Actually 2 things happen, you do not touch your retirement kitty till say 68 instead of 58. THAT IS HUGE. You will obviously need lesser corpus if you retire at 68. You may actually be adding to the kitty, or just leaving it alone (growth option) will allow the money to AT LEAST DOUBLE in this 10 year period.
  2. Some people have very little social skills outside of work. For such people taking up a job means at least they keep themselves busy for a few more years – 10 to be precise!
  3. It really helps if you are single. It means that being outside the house is better than being alone and sulking in the house. Those who have never married know how to be by themselves, but those who have lost a spouse may not manage their time well.
  4. Some companies may extend their healthcare for you – and that is awesome, because even a small fracture could set you back by Rs. 1L in a reasonably priced hospital.
  5. Working surely keeps you more alert than watching television and idling time at home. Especially for those people who have no hobbies or no other task – like looking after ageing parents.
  6. Enjoy chatting and a lively atmosphere – check out if Starbucks is looking for an active senior for the afternoon time. Yes it is ego crushing, but it is fun.
  7. Society records are almost always in a mess – offer to clean it up – but make sure that you charge a fee. Those who are too lazy need to atleast pay for the services that you render.
  8. Gen X and millennial will pay for a person to set their person financial records in order. Ask me, I will pay for an annual audit for sure. If you enjoy paper work you can do this.
  9. Training – putting all your experience to work – is always useful in life.
  10. Working keeps you mentally engaged, socially connected and physically active. Several American and European research studies confirm that working in retirement leads to being healthier and happier.

Come on…don’t tell me you need more reasons…I am sure you get the drift…

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  1. Hi Sir, Everyone loves to work till they are drop dead.

    However, own body (health) has to permit + competition has to permit (thanks to our population and number of opportunities gap) + office decorum (respect from others) has to permit. All said if you are customer facing / client dependent, there is more to it (India Only) – one should not be looking gullible and incompetent look-wise – even though reality is otherwise.

    When you are hard-selling your ‘intellectual skills’ or ‘physical strength’ for working, then with time, competition is brutal and ruthless. When you are focusing on passive income generating assets, competition is harmless..

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