I travel a lot and meet a lot of people..so I meet many people..Here are some of the things that they tell me. I will tell you what they say…and what I hear:

  1. Subra you are soo good…I wish I had met you 25 years ago…..CEO of a company.

what I hear: “Subra you dare not meet my employees and put your stupid idea of financial freedome, not to buy a house, etc…we have a nice employee strength or X…and they believe that they should buy a house, car, go on vacation,….etc….

  1. You retired so early..I wish I could also retire ..at least at 54 if not at 44…

What I hear: “Are you mad..what will I do sitting at home..I don’t know anything else.

  1. Are you sure I will require Rs. 22 crores for my retirement? Is it not too much?

What I hear: This is a shit scary figure..I think I am screwed.

What I feel like saying: Of course not. If you can reduce your monthly expenses to Rs. 30k a month from Rs. 1.25L a month, this figure will go down to Rs. 5 crores.

  1. Rs. 7 crores if he died at 80? Is it not too much? does he spend Rs. 2L a month?

What I hear: I know that a person needs 30X his annual expenses…so I have arrived at his expense. Wrong. 30x is just an indicator. Client may need far more than that..It depends on his loans, need to buy a bigger house, need to upgrade cars more often. It makes no sense at all to use a generic rule and estimate what a person needs. If the client is unwell, is supporting an unwell sibling…or anything like that, the 30x rule may not be sufficient.

….there are many more…

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