Long long ago (2003 or 2004) I had gone to a mutual fund house to do some “Amfi” training. Well it was a sales call, and we were going there to pitch for their training requirements.

A very senior executive (he still reads this blog, and his designation would be a give away) CXO kinda person came for the meeting from XYZ mutual fund. Naming them would not matter, it continues to be a shitty mutual fund for who I have no respect.

We used to have a text book – created by Uma Shashikant – famous as the ‘blue book’ which became the basis of our training. In fact even now people remember it as the ‘blue book’ rather than the title of the book.

I had gone for that meeting with Gautam Bharadwaj – and the CXO came and we spoke about the training…then the CXO said “oh we have made photocopies of the book” and he showed us 20 copies. Well, well, so much for an educated CXO.

Cut to 2019 June. I have a best seller “Retire Rich: Invest Rs. 40 a day” – it has sold upwards of 180,000 copies so far. So one smart soul in LONDON decides to download an E book and create a pdf out of it. It surfaces in Ahmedabad and a few Gujjus decide that more people should have a free copy. Sadly for one of the guys a copy reaches me. However he has actually sent it to a couple of thousand people. Two of the people in the link are very senior executives in the Asset management business. Most of Ahmedabad IFA would know who I am talking about, but I do not wish to name them or the amc. Not naming the individual because a sales guy – is at best a harmless lunatic (to use H G Wells coinage) who would just forward something because he has it. The sheer pride of ownership, not the desire to read, understand and use. I do not wish to name the mutual fund because it is of no use. The CEO of one fund house immediately tweeted an apology, I know the other CEO does not think it is necessary. Well, we suffer fund houses too, do we not? I wonder what happens to the internal code of conduct for such amc. They tolerate any shit as long as sales happens. I am so tempted to name this proud amc. Is that a give away? I do not care. I will not name them, still.

I called a senior executive he gave me a suggestion. He said “speak to that guys ex boss, you know him well”. I spoke to his ex boss and said “ask him to apologize, and I kill the story” if he does not do that I file a case and put it on FB. He called me in 3 minutes and apologised. I could have asked for an apology in writing, but I too wanted to kill the story.

I did not take the story to the CEO. There was no point. This is the same company which told me “we cannot buy your book, our compliance is not approving it”.

I guess forwarding a pirated copy is easier. If push comes to shove, blame the senior employee, and save a lot of money. Buying 3000 copies would have cost them about Rs. 21 lakhs. A forward costs nothing – remember it goes on Whats app.

Why this kolaveri? Well I know I can’t do a shit in a country where doctors who drive a Rs. 50L Audi will use the pirated version of a Rs. 5000 book and claim “it is too expensive to buy”. Well, we are Indians. We are like that only.

IPR? come on Subra you gotta be joking.

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  1. Funny integrity, that. This same breed of individuals invests in AA rated debt with questionable repayments. Side pocket indeed. No damage to bonuses or salaries!

    Name the AMC, please.

  2. Sir, Next book – make the font size in the book big and leave good space between the lines. Embed some pictures/ graphs for illustration side by side with the text on same page. Then no. pages will increase and matter per pages will decrease. Then, cost of xeroxing per page x number of pages + spiral binding etc, will be more than book price. They might as well purchase the book. 🙂 (Of course in companies, xeroxing/scanning and making soft copies is free, but some relief for author & payment what is due to him – better than nothing.)

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