Training takes me to various places and I meet different people of different hues! I always wondered why running a house is not considered an achievement. I met a 27 year old mother of 2 kids travelling from a small town near Jaipur to Erode (a small town near Coimbatore).

This means a morning trip to Ahmedabad (or an overnight trip?). From there a flight to Mumbai. Taking the baggage from one terminal (T1) and going to T2 (a new requirement!) and then taking a flight to Coimbatore. Wow this kid has another journey to make from Cbe to Erode. Phew.

She runs the kitchen for a family of 2 very senior citizens, 2 senior citizens, her husband, her husband’s younger brother and younger sister. Her 2 kids too. Phew, again.

From when did we stop considering running a household as a mean achievement? what is wrong with us? She speaks 3 languages well and can understand English well (typical non English speaking families) but does not have the confidence to speak English. Considering how our country treats people in ‘ghoonghat’ non English speaking woman..I think she is doing a great job. She said landing in Cbe was end of journey for her – her dad and brother would be receiving her to take her to Erode!!

Luckily for her the kids slept through the journey. She sat cross legged because the little one was sleeping on her lap. She also slept..but her little one decided to get up in the last 20 minutes of the journey….and spoilt her sleep.

So when a 27 year old runs a house, can handle 2 airport transfers, use a bus, and a taxi apart from 2 airlines….and be smiling (oh she was going to her maika!!) – I don’t think it is less complicated than doing an MBA and landing a Rs. 10 L job.

I know I am old fashioned. I know girls/ women who are academically brilliant, I know very ‘good’ mothers, I know……

this is just an attempt to say that there is a demanding other side too…

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  1. Geat post Sir ! We normally do not give value to tasks where it is a bit ambiguous to define the monetary value of the service. But when we men have to do it ourselves, we realize what efforts are involved.

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