If you are intrigued to know what makes a person write, this may not be a great post to read. I can only tell you why I write – and would ask you to pick up something challenging for your Retirement – anything – to make your retirement more interesting.

In my 11th year of blogging, and with 3 bestselling books, it is time to admit that I am a writer. However if you know how Adsense and book royalty works you will admit that it is only a nice profession, but does not pay enough to run your house. It can pay your telephone bill, your society charges, and maybe your electricity bill too..but there is stops.It does not put roti, daal and sabzi on your table. No. Writing does not pay well in India – and if it has to pay well you have to have tremendous marketing skill, which I must be woefully lacking.

The world’s greatest writers have undoubtedly been Valmiki and Vyasa – what amazing EPICs have they written. Without getting into whether it was real or imagined, if you can write something that can be enjoyed and analyzed for generations, it is obviously an amazing piece of work.

One big advantage of being in training is that you meet the IFA who meets the end client, and having been in sales means you have met the end client yourself. Both of these are huge advantages. However this also means that I could not sit in a tower and have a long distance view of the BFSI. Mine is a corrupted and hurt kinda view.

The best thing about writing is the challenge of “what to write everyday” that about 8000 people (varies from 3500 a day to 8k) people would want to read in about 10 minutes (max) and not get bored. An idea has to germinate in the head and you have to think of it as a story – so that the readers can “hear” the story loud and clear.

As a writer you are here to tease, tell, scream, entertain, inform – but I hesitate to use the word educate. One cannot really educate an adult. You can only help him/her in their ‘learning’ journey. So if you ‘learnt’ anything on the blog, it is YOUR ability to learn, and not my ability to teach. However it feels great that I can reach the brains of so many people without a word being spoken. This blog is read across Europe, Asia, Americas, Australia – the sheer power of the Internet. I keep wondering how the Indian diaspora reads ‘Indian” stuff all over the world. That is amazing.

After generating an idea (which can happen anywhere – it is only the clerical act of writing down that requires a laptop) and working on the idea – then comes the challenge of being in the flow. Sometimes the mind wanders and you end up writing something very different from what the title suggests! Then you wonder should you re-write or just change the title! Sadly you cannot do that while writing a book!

Making smart People Richer – this is the tagline that I use for my blog. I guess I mean that. I have been harping on simplicity, lesser products, decluttering, etc. Hopefully, you are on that path. I do believe that you can “Retire Rich” – if you give your Rs. 40 a day about 35 years to grow. Both the amount of money you put and how long it stays there are both important.

‘Wealth Prescription for Doctors’- has taken me to meet/ interact with more then 5000 doctors..I have some very positive feed back from doctors..and

Goal based investing – YOU CAN BE RICH TOO – has also gone places…

Well this topic cannot end….let me say I am pausing the engine…

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  1. Totally agree with others written here, you have been a inspirational writer sir , making average people think differently about the importance of financial knowledge and its importance to lead a good life.

    Thanks again .. please continue your daily messages as many will be eagerly waiting every day for your inputs,suggestions and directions.

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