One of the theories of a good life is that calm people are happier. I have no way to know because I have never measured happiness. I had a dad who could be absolutely calm and an uncle who could never sit calmly. I have no clue about who was happier. My dad was surely calm, and satisfied. My uncle is restless, but seems satisfied.

So let us take what Einstein said “a calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success with constant restlessness”.

A calm and modest life: I find that many rich people have extremely simple lives. I mean a person with say Rs. 50 crores net worth mingling with people with say Rs. 2 crore net worth -and in a crowd YOU will not be able to see who is what. Of course being rich gives one ability to look at losses more calmly. However, some control freaks (nothing to do with net worth) can make themselves MISERABLE by constantly checking up on their employees, children, suppliers,…and hassling themselves and the person they are calling. THIS HAS NOTHING to do with their net worth, right? A constant comparison, chasing, etc. definitely makes one impatient, hassled and surely tense. A modest life is easy to achieve for most of us – however – we owe it to our family to maintain a steady/rising kind of a life-style. Not many people are able to achieve this. However I do see some such calm people with modest life – and many of them are happy too!

Pursuit of success: Does one need to pursue success? well some people do and some people don’t. After my dad got a job in 1953, he never made his cv..and he retired in 1992! Was it a generational thing I am not sure. Many people of that gen were not sure about looking for a job etc. and once they got into¬† company they just retired. I know many people across generations who pursue success in money terms, in social terms (organizing events in the community), etc. who do pursue SUCCESS – even when it means NOTHING financially speaking. Going to the top of Maslow’s need triangle is not about money. Many such people are unable to sit calmly. Are they happy? I don’t know. Many of them are truly satisfied organizing community events. No. Money is not a criteria AT ALL in such pursuits. Look at people running free websites when they have nothing to sell (not even books or seats in a training class!). Look at a couple of my nieces and nephew who spend their time, effort and money looking after STRAY animals. Karma?

Constant Restlessness: Try siting calmly without any electronic, human or any other stimuli. Many people cannot. Sure a few meditators can, but for most people that is tough, if not impossible.

Are YOU calm? Are you restless? are you happy?

hey its your call…

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  1. I have been following your blog . Feel happy about the content related to finance matter .Simple , Concise and Precise .Would be happy if you could share some advises to DIY kind of users with few pointers which they should not do .Not sure if u have already covered .

  2. Becky Goddard-Hill

    I am always chasing things, stats, money , my kids, wealth mre more more. You have given me pause for thought. Thankyou

  3. Happiness is a state of mind which can’t be measured and quantified but can be experienced by the individual alone. Qualitatively, the degree of happiness may depend on whether the state of mind is in constant (equilibrium) position or oscillating between greed and fear (the emotional boundary limits). Both restless and calm individuals by external appearance may find happiness(or otherwise) depending on where the state of mind lies between greed and fear pendulum at any point in time.

  4. now that you have a genuine problem (I am in the guilty club), you owe it to us restless & pursuit-driven souls to share the antidote as well..

  5. Subra Sir, don’t you thinks money plays a crucial role in deciding the level of calmness and happiness in one’s life ?

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