After leaving school did you think you will use this word postulates again?

well when I say postulates you cannot accuse me of being original. Nor can you find out from where I have copied this. Almost all writers on personal finance (constantly looking for new stories) have written this in someĀ  form or the other…

  1. Start early
  2. Understand compounding – even if you don’t, it will work for you if you start early!
  3. take care of your health – illness is a huge money drain
  4. spend less than what you earn
  5. trading is not investing. repeat. trading is not investing.
  6. direct equity investing is not difficult, but see if you want to learn it at all.
  7. the only thing which matters is net return after inflation, costs, and taxes.
  8. avoid debt as far as possible. If you Must borrow, keep it to the minimum – time and amount.
  9. If you are an aggressive investor borrow for your house – maximum and maximum period – and invest the difference.
  10. avoid credit card debt
  11. have a credit card – and pay off the due amount 4 days in advance
  12. take free money when offered – coupons, govt, employer, scholarship
  13. Kids education? best when funded by scholarship..or pay partly ask them to borrow for the rest
  14. rupee cost averaging works – invest regularly, as often as possible, as much as possible
  15. remember equity investing creates wealth over decades and generations – the pace can’t be INCREASED.
  16. you can get rich quick, but you cannot get wealthy quick
  17. Being rich is nice, but being wealthy gives you far more peace of mind
  18. Personal finance is more personal and less finance
  19. What works for one person may not work for another
  20. Knowing whom to trust in personal finance is TOUGH Follow the money.
  21. the less you spend on adviser fees, the more you keep
  22. DIY does not work for most of the people I meet
  23. A good adviser is worth his weight in gold
  24. basic simple investing works
  25. One – index fund, term insurance, credit card, savings account, health insurance is what you need.
  26. Avoid spending to impress others
  27. Involve spouse and kids in money understanding and management
  28. Make a will
  29. stock market cycles will happen – you need to remain calm
  30. smart people lose money and dumb people get rich in the stock market – stop being judgemental
  31. share market is the only place where an unskilled idiot can get as lucky as the best fund managers
  32. Your education or even how much you earn is not important. It is your attitude.
  33. Markets will go down – that is no time to panic

no finance pro can do personal finance stories outside of this. Not in India, not even worldwide. I hope this is exhaustive….


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    Just heard you on IVM podcast Paisa Vaisa, you are a God sent to me right now, I’m at that stage when I have not really thought properly about retirement and personal finance goals.

    Thanks for sharing your valuable wisdom with us.

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