Not very long ago – say 500 years ago – survival was the ONLY agenda for most people. If you earned money, you had to be sure that you brought it home. Taking a bath meant going to a river or lake. Eating food was not a given, and anyway you lived till the age of 25.

As time went by you got hot showers at home, you call Swiggy for your food, you call Flipkart for your clothes, and if you are financially free decide what you wear, when you get up,…and what you do.

Why are we still short of energy? We are not exactly chopping food for fuel, hunting for food, and going for a cold swim in a river which could have crocodiles.

When you have major responsibilities – EMI, putting children through school, looking after parents, etc. life is taxing. However, once you are past all of those or some of those you have a lot of time. Do you have energy? Do we seek creature comforts – a little too much? Getting up at 8am just because the first appointment in the day is at 12? Our body loves rest and comfort does it not?

Should we not once in a while see how our body reacts the the following:

  • having a cold shower (for a week in winter)
  • skipping dinner for a fortnight?
  • giving up animal products for 20 days (milk, honey, leather, not just meat)
  • taking public transport to work
  • walking or taking a bicycle for errands less than 12 km?

I know people think that I live frugally. Sure, that is true. I can go by train spending Rs. 30 to attend a Rs. 3000 dinner. I may comeback by road out of sheer laziness (lack of energy) rather than wanting to save time. No, I do not pay for such dinners. In fact at a friend’s daughter’s wedding a few of us did not pick up plates at all – in fact about 12 of us did not even go to the eating section!

For many of us – having conquered debt, downsizing, etc. the biggest worry is which smart phone to buy! Do we need the I-Phone? I mean will we justify the expense because we know how to use its features? or just buy one and use it for Whats up and sms?

Our life is become too lazy. We need to find activity – not just a 1 hour gym or a 1 hour run – I mean in the day to day living. Like walking to the grocer (and not using Big Basket), climbing up 6 storeys and not taking a lift. None of this costs us time. Its just a laziness habit. Break it for 2 weeks.

See all these tasks have a time frame. Not asking you to give up ANYTHING permanently, but just for a short time. Maybe you will enjoy your cold baths. Or being a vegan.

Or find a lot more energy than what you ‘thought’ you had…? maybe….?

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