Here is a list of great shares to buy with current price and target price:

Name of the share               Current price             TP


Century Ply                              277                       390

Apollo Tyres                            240                        360

Tata Steel                                 700                      1050

Idfc                                            65                         110

Grasim                                   1147                       1450

well there is a catch of course. These were recommended by a big brokerage house last year. Go and check which one and how has been their performance.

If you really want good tips of what to buy, look at the Diwali picks of big brokers for 2015, 2016 and 2017.

See if it has worked. See what would have happened if you had created an equal weight portfolio based on their advice.

If you feel confident copy it. If not, put your money in an index etf.

Buying Hdfc bank and Titan today may be good or bad, but remember such awesome growth cannot happen for the next 10 years. Well I am not sure, but I am happy to sell both at least partially. If you have bought it at par and enjoyed some amazing secular bull run, you should not need an excuse to sell.

Most of us suffer from herd mentality, and recency bias. Now you know why you like Hdfc bank. For me it is even worse. I have been holding it for 24 years.

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