If you are a newcomer to this blog or even if you have come in a few years ago..it is likely to intimidate you about the topics on which I have written. This blog is a little different from the mass media because nobody tells me what to write. That does not mean i am not biased, it just means that money/ lucre has not pushed me to write some of the shit that I have written.

I can only tell you that I have not written anything original – any resemblance to originality just means you have not read the source from where I have copied it! Well, what I mean is I may have adapted an eating article to writing or an exercising article to investing. Not much of original thought.

Do I have some principles? well yes, but held loosely. The MSM for example never ever blames the end user for the stupid policies and mutual funds they buy. They somehow like to say “the regulator is wrong” or the “manufacturer is wrong” in their articles. On the other hand I hold a view that the manufacturer is of course wrong, the regulator is wrong, but the BIGGEST CULPRIT is the guy who signs the cheque without understanding what he/she is buying. That is stupid. And I will shout about it.

I actually need a couple of bright kids who will nicely put an index and key words for the articles – 5k articles all over the place is surely poor organisation, but that is the way it is. Not sure if I can or will make amends.

Largely the following principles are the guiding posts to all my posts:

  1. Direction over speed: going in the right direction is far more important than the speed at which you travel. This is true in running, investing and in life.
  2. Money is a commodity – your skill lies in treating it as a commodity and not as a score-card to tell you whether you have arrived like your friends.
  3. As a Rule a client will pay ONLY if there is a contract to pay or you ask for the money before you render the service.
  4. Live well and Live deliberately: makes no sense to live like your parents if you do not know why you were doing certain things.
  5. Money is great, compounding is good, but make sensible choices, not miserly ones.
  6. Relationships are more important than money.
  7. People, experiences, things. This should be the priority.
  8. Today is important – to start leaning, exercising, being happy, mending relationships, …well almost everything.
  9. Procrastination hurts, and hurts like hell.
  10. I may have contradicted myself – over 10 years it happens. Its a sign of maturity I guess?
  11. Somethings are indefensible like the Kerala Bishop. However I do not have strong religious beliefs.
  12. I do have strong human beliefs, and I support the Nun and not the Bishop. I hope he is punished.
  13. I realize that Principles will outlast Tactics.
  14. A company can be well run ONLY if the management has real skin in the game.
  15. Holding esop is not the same as being an entrepreneur. Simple.


well…opinions and views held loosely…..

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  1. “to start leaning, exercising, being happy, mending relationships, …well almos” should be to start learning…

  2. I do find you writing about great ideas that Ive read on other blogs as well, like FarnamStreet or Safal Niveshak..and its great to read about them in your casual style rather than the formal writing everywhere else on the internet

  3. Sir, please refer the Vijay Mallick Website. Same like your site it was bit widespread with data couple of months back – Now it is much organized. Not sure whether he got external agency help to re-design the same. I treat you as my financial guru / financial father. Your articles cover a wider spectrum of Equity / Personal Finance / Health / Life-Style etc…. Categorization at higher level helps a lot for new comers. I used to refer your website as a go to website for any new person joining IT industry during induction and also to newly married couples.

  4. Hi Subra – would you be interested in looking at an automated process to classify your articles? It could be a good starting point. Let me know. Thanks

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