After going through 4 reprints…in English and 2 in Hindi…and selling upwards of 160,000 – including the Kindle version….and my publisher kicking me into writing …the second edition is nearing completion. I have to say, at last.

Here are the topics:

 Is Retirement an Age or an Amount of Money,  Are you rich or are you Pretending you are rich! Why Should I Plan for Retirement? Impediments to Riches, Peer pressure to spend, Ponzi Schemes, Planning begins at home, How Much Money Do You Need To Retire, Understanding compounding, ratios to monitor, 

what else can you think off?
is there anything else that you can think off?
No, I am not saying this is all…….but asking you – Is that an option…

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  1. kids and money, all parents who will eventually retire.. focus on kids and their expenses ………..
    what to teach the kids etc/ how to teach them…
    im not sure if its directly related to retirement unfortunately

  2. a passing mention about how parents should not spend too much on kids, kids communicating with parents, middle aged people communicating with ageing parents…yes, but what kids should know…not a part of this book. Thanks for the note Aditi. Really appreciate.

  3. Differentiating between needs and wants. Plan for needs first. Impact of inflation. How to plan in future money terms, basic concept of time value of money.

  4. Retirement phase is substantial even with age of retirement normally around 60, but many want to retire early. How to manage for about 40 years of retirement phase need to be part of retirement planning. Will it possible able to touch upon in this new edition?

  5. Sir, please add section on cash flow forecasting in retirement, identify gaps and surpluses. What are the risks to cover… Volatility, int rate. How to secure basic survival money.

  6. A note on how earners should pay themselves first towards retirement and clearing debt.
    Helping relatives, Charity, etc. should be a strict % of their surplus.

    About the job market not going to be the same forever no matter how intelligent you are. Either re-tool, or save up.

  7. please have chapters on this additonal topics, I would be paying 500 rupee a copy.
    1) asset allocation for various timelines in life
    2) How to build the cheapest index funds and liquid funds (equity:debt) as a core retirement portfolio
    3) other asset classes like real estate, gold etc
    4) how to plan for black swan kind of events
    5) how to have cash flow from the portfolio constructed above
    6) FIRE planning in India(its a hot topic nowadays)
    7) beyond money(physical health, mental health, social contribution)

  8. some few more

    1) when to buy an annuity
    2) when to do reverse mortgage
    3) will/charity trust before final years

  9. Few topics of interest:
    1) The number for retirement in India. 25X annual income (it’s based in the U.S. – is it applicable here?), 33X.. what’s the number?
    2) How to plan for early retirement in India – say around 45-50 (this could be forced on certain folks – like IT mid-management)
    3) Index funds in India – is there hope? Worth consideration?
    4) Geographical diversification once the corpus reaches (say 8 digits) – is it necessary?

  10. this book is only for those who are 24…so it is meant to guide them TILL THEY ARE 60…NO it will not contain anything about TAXATION of post retirement income. It will not contain anything about POST RETIREMENT. Those are very important topics for a new book – aimed at people around 55 and above…

  11. If you want to tell 24 ers just one thing to follow and one thing to keep for their financial well being ,what it will be ?

  12. Can we structure our income and assets to make it more tax efficient (like creating trust, LLP), early retirement calculators (what all to consider), how to identify scams(accounting frauds and beyond),,when to sell a stock, how to finance life simple but on track.

  13. Concepts like avoiding EMI purchases for consumption, foreign vacations.
    The habit of saying no to LIC policies, parents when pushing them to buy a house, marriage, kids, being aware of traps from RM, Fake MF advisors
    Selecting good financial planners

  14. Dear Shubhra,
    hi Subra,
    Would request to add the following :
    1.TAXABILITY for say below channels of investment .
    A)mutual funds – liquid/debt/equity/elss etc who shud buy and how to reduce taxability depending on the income slab the person falls in
    B)real estate –
    1)to buy land or to buy flat and how to save tax while reselling or other scenarios
    2)or to buy commercial plots/shops and say open a Javed Habib franchisee saloon
    C)FD,SSC,PPF – which one will be tax efficient for whom
    D) Salary – how to save tax on salary in different cases like both husband n wife working,or through taking lease for a car ,having both lta n hra etc ..
    2. One separate section on mutual funds .
    A)direct/indirect mutual funds
    B)the operational aspect ..wrt platforms
    C)how to choose a mutual fund with some calculations n examples and also experience
    D)when to sell a mutual fund
    3.Family :
    A)how to save money through your family members.
    B)health insurance -which one to to buy so that each important organ like heart,liver,lungs,heart eyes,dental,cancer ,brain are covered.

  15. Hi Subra,

    Not sure if it will tangential to the subject of book . But I have found your blogs on mid career breaks vs retirement , multiple careers/lines of work over the life time very useful.

    Also given todays job situations ( high salary , no job security , high stress environment / long working hours ) , young readers will benefit form your guidance on career / life planning along with financial planing .

  16. Sir,
    Since you mentioned target audience as 24 yrs old readers. Then a section about Employee Stock options (ESOPs) makes sense. Considering the joining startup = Following passion trend.
    Informing the risk of walking away in debt as a very real possibility might be necessary.

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