a young 28 year old boy gets married to a 28 year old girl – both childhood classmates. Both parents oppose the marriage, it is an inter-caste marriage.

Marriage is solemnised by friends and they get married. Both are happy, and on a honeymoon.

There is an accident. Boy dies. Girl has 90% burn injuries.

Now let us come to some brutal questions:

  • do you think the boy would have taken any life insurance?
  • even if he had would she be the nominee?
  • who will pay the medical bill for the girl?
  • Assume that the girl had quit her job and was planning to relocate and find a job
  • Would they have spoken about medical insurance?
  • Even if she were to recover would she be able to access his PF, insurance, investments?
  • would she have the passwords to his phone, laptop, etc?
  • Would there be a will or nomination anywhere favoring her
  • remember they got married 4 months ago
  • Would the boy / girl have considered it too “money-minded” to talk of such things?
  • What if the girl has a fire accident and can NEVER EVER look like what she looked earlier?

think about all these questions when you read the following article:



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