You are going to hear this on television and you can make tons of money if you know what it means:


2017 was easy, all shares went up. 2018 will be more stock specific.

Private sector banks will continue to do well, PSU banks will be more specific. Some may do well, some may not.

The amount of cash in the market has ensured that ‘growth’ of June 2018 is priced in. The shares which will do well in June 2019 is not yet priced in. However the contrarians are buying the shares that will do well in 2019. OOps.

The risks are more global, not local.

The sarkari 10 year paper is likely to go to 8.9% or more. That will hurt the equity market.

The IPO boom will continue, Mfs will collect a lot of money.

You should not have too much expectation from the market…2018 will give less than 20% !! (actually heard it on TV)

It will be the turn of infra, pharma and IT (heard on TV)

My view: Not convinced that any of these ‘predictions’ belong to 2018. It could be for any year anytime….MEANS NOTHING. NOTHING YOU can do about this.

Enjoy life. Happy 2018.


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