A couple of years ago my daughter said ‘I will not be allowed to write the exam if I did not have an aadhar number’. So she took a day off from school and our nuclear family went and got our aadhar card. Phew. It was some effort, but it was done.

I was one of the aadhar critics and did not want one. However, the ‘exam’ was a threat. As a private citizen you do not take panga with a school, right?

So here we had our aadhar.

My CA said ‘arre hai to Pan number ke saath tag kar de na’ so I did it. As a private citizen you do not take panga with a Income Tax, right?

My banker sends me an sms every day saying..’please tag your PAN to aadhar and to your bank account or you cannot operate that account after 31 Dec, 2017. I said ‘The PIL said that RBI has not said anything like this’. My banker asked ‘are you banking with RBI or Hdfc’? I realized that. As a private citizen you do not take panga with a bank, right?

My Mutual fund said ‘please tag …to all your mutual fund schemes’. I said I have 34 schemes in 27 fund houses. Need I tag that many times? The girl at the counter did not know. She said ‘do it na…’. I asked what happens if I do not link my Aadhar is not linked? She said ‘we will freeze your account’. I was skeptical…but as they say As a private citizen you do not take panga with a mutual fund, right?

As a private citizen you do not take panga with a life insurance company, right?

As a private citizen you do not take panga with a Flipkart, Amazon, etc, right?

As a private citizen you do not take panga with a co-operative society in Mumbai, right?

I wanted to subscribe to ‘,,,life’ ..I spoke to the female there. She said “come on Subra I will come tomorrow after sorting out the mess in other places. As a private citizen you do not take panga with a financial magazine, right?

I have been amused by the news items saying ‘you need aadhar for child birth, treatment, …and even FUNERAL!!

The way aadhar is being pushed on us – what the SC says will NOT MATTER.

Nothing official, no process, nobody knows what happens if you do not do it….but it is being pushed down our throats. My father is 89 years old and when we went to get his aadhar the jokers there did not have a camera that could read his eye properly. So he has no aadhar. I have a friend whose fingerprints could not be read – he is in his 70s. So many a time his aadhar recognition gets rejected.

We need resolutions. One wealth manager has complete details of many people. Can he not misuse it?

This is going to be a big mess….but As a private citizen you do not take panga right?

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  1. Thank you Sir for voicing a common man thoughts. I some how do not understand the logic behind this linking business. When I have already linked my pan with adhar, why give me so much trouble? You already have my pan and I have already linked my pan with adhar can you not trouble me with this linking business? Please….

  2. Mahaveer/Subra:
    What you say is, since you have linked PAN with Aadhar. Now you guys expect that financial institutions should be able to access your Aadhar because they already knew your PAN… right?
    This does not work like this. Because, UIDAI will not share the details such as, which PAN is mapped with which Aadhar number, with any one!
    However, Government has notified to all institutions that without mapping Aadhar, PAN & phone, they can not do business with individual.
    Thats why we are bothered to verify.

  3. Good one.
    When I applied in Karvy, they did not even bother to check original documents.they just took photocopy. If the Aadhar is so important, why such lax in card issual process.
    The rules are forced thru just media rather than clear stand by government.

  4. My friend was asked to link his loan account with aadhaar. He doesn’t have any banking relationship with that bank except loan. Still thinking what will they do if he doesn’t link his aadhaar. You forgot to mention now Amazon is asking to link aadhaar

  5. The last I heard was they are planning to make us our clothes, slippers, soap, shampoo, hair, etc with aadhaar. They are planning to create a separate ministry to decide more such revolutionary ideas. Expect more soon

  6. Worst is the mutual fund folios. And CAMS the great. I cuss them every morning.They can send the NSDL CAS properly but link accounts? Oh no…so if you have 8 folio two will be linked and the rest Jai jai Ram ram

  7. Hari:

    Sure, UIDAI might not disclose the Aadhar – PAN link, but the income tax dept knows about the PAN – Aadhar link. Surely govt agencies can pick the Aadhar number from there?

  8. Senthil:

    The question is HOW? There are millions of people for them aadhar needs to be mapped. Manually not possible. Through system also not possible as the different departments runs on different technologies! So, integrating two different technologies is a big challenge and will take months of time!. So the best way is to ask every individual to perform one time activity.

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