Some market observations…not all original…

  • Time is more valuable in equity markets than money
  • the longer you stay the greater the chance of winning in equity markets
  • costs, fees, taxes do matter
  • if you can save 1% of aum over 30 years it is not a small amount to be scoffed at
  • Innumeracy is rampant
  • amazing number of people who can talk theory but invest 10% of their surplus in equity. Good luck to them.
  • if you do not believe in equities, you are wasting your time reading this blog.
  • there is no reward without risk
  • you took risk DOES NOT entitle you to reward, hey, that is risk!
  • if you do not think Inflation is risk, don’t waste your time being in equities
  • price targets are amazingly stupid
  • forecasts are for fun
  • forecasts for more than 3 years is amazingly stupid
  • Morgan Stanley says Sensex will reach 100,000 in 2022.
  • take all such projections with a pinch of salt, it helps
  • Concentration builds wealth, you need diversification to protect wealth
  • Saving is far, more important than Investing
  • If you do not save you cannot invest.
  • If you do not invest, you cannot get rich
  • being rich or wealthy is actually a mindset, not an amount of money
  • Volatility is mean reverting too!
  • Ego is a big enemy
  • having a good broker who can keep your ego in check is very very useful.
  • once you have a roof and food to eat, SATISFACTION IS the only protection
  • this is Cindrella’s party and there is no clock on the wall
  • if you do not know how the ‘value’ is to be unlocked, you are not doing value investing
  • bottom fishing is NOT value investing
  • a lot of value can come from growth
  • a lot of value can come from passive investing
  • on an average passive beats active in USA
  • on an average active beats passive in India – BECAUSE THE INDEX IS poorly constructed
  • different types of indexing is active under the INDEXING couch
  • fund houses which believe in active are hedging by launching etf
  • some new active funds are etf in disguise and F….g expensive

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